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Are ADD and ADHD over diagnosed?


A very common disease nowadays among the teens of United States is ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) also named as ADD or ADHD, but then again there is the difference between the two. The term hyperactivity differentiates ADD and ADHD clearly. The symptoms, medication, effects, treatment all are different in both the diseases. ADHD is a biological disease, in which the brain is characterized by poor concentration and distractibility along with agitated and rash behaviors. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most widespread psychological disorders that found in children. Teenage years and adulthood both can be affected by this disease. If this disease is left uncured it can cause a number of problems to its patient, ADHD leads to bad school performance in children and similarly unsatisfactory work performances are also shown by adults in their work environment, patients have poor social associations and usually have a feeling of low-self esteem (

In spite of development, in the judgment, diagnosis and cure of children and adults with ADHD, the disorder of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has remained controversial, throughout. The different and conflicting judgments about ADHD have not only resulted in confusion for families, care providers, educators, and policymakers; but have always been difficult for them to accept the fact that their loved one is affected with ADHD disease. There are a number of controversies raised, along with several questions concerning the literal survival of the disorder, whether it can be fairly diagnosed on every individual, and, if provided a treatment, what intrusions are the most effectual. (

Thesis Statement

Over Diagnosis of ADD and ADHD leads to several complications


Attention Deficit Disorder over diagnosed

People all over the world are of the opinion that ADD is a very dangerous disease and hence its diagnosis is done by strong medicines. If the diagnosis, of ADD would have been very simple, and people would have diagnosed by saying, that when a child is at unrest and is not able to sit still (

The truth is that ADD is over diagnosed, and there are harmful medications used to treat the disease. Thus, as a result, children having attention deficit disease are generally unable to have proper treatment. A widely spread belief is that ADD is the most regularly spotted disorder in children. The main reason of over diagnosis of ADD is that it does not have a clear definition.

According to the department of health and services (HHS) It is stated that attention deficit disorder is due to a number of following factors, such as neurotransmitter prenatal and genetics. It has been observed that attention Deficit Disorder Attention appears to be more common in males than in females. The disease ADD is said to be over-diagnosed for the reason that there are many patients that want the disease to be diagnosed or even cured their way. In order to make money people are even willing to make it on immoral means, ...
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