Admission Essay For Phd In Counseling

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Admission essay for PhD in counseling

Admission essay for PhD in counseling

I am pursuing a doctorate in Counseling for the purpose of the knowledge and experience I will gain while completing the process. My goal is to further develop the skills necessary to become an effective Guidance Department Chairman who can successfully implement and monitor a comprehensive school based counseling program that promotes the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students.

To obtain my goal of becoming an effective Guidance Chairman, I will need additional direction in how to become an effective leader, managing people, and additional experience and confidence in supporting, coordinating, supervising, and managing of a school counseling program. I also need a strong knowledge of data, interpretation of data, and uses of it.

The knowledge I hope to gain from this experience is that of how to coordinate and implement a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes a well rounded student academically, personally and socially. In addition, I hope increase my effectiveness with working with the director of guidance services and administration to keep them informed of guidance activities, and establishing and maintaining an effective work climate within the school counseling department and school community. I also hope to learn innovative counseling practices and promote them by encouraging implementation of new procedures and demonstrating those that are found to be effective.

The supervision aspects of becoming a guidance director are also an interest of mine. In the military I was in several leadership roles such as quality assurance officer, training officer and lead shop officer. However, I feel I need to fine tune these skills to make them more applicable to the management of a guidance department. I'm sure class number will give me this opportunity to not only learn but to ask practice ...