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Adolf Coor Company

Adolf Coor Company: Case study analysis

Q1) Should Shirley Richard encourages or discourage the Coors brothers to go on 60


Having the reputation of closed door company, Coors need to open up to cope up with the tirade of negative perception about the company. Coor's history has been plagued with many confrontations with the union. This time the situation is more serious than it had been in the past. Having invested a hefty sum in projecting a positive image of the company, avoiding media would raise many eyebrows. In such a situation shrewd maneuvering is required. Unions alongside the media are on the offensive and to save the business all the allegations have to be discussed in front of millions of viewers who happen to be the customers of the company as well.

Coor brothers should take this program as a publicity opportunity. If the allegations regarding the company are successfully defended, the millions invested in image campaign will churn hefty dividends in terms of augmented positive image in the mind of the consumers. Shying away from the program will make people believe that things are not right at Coors, therefore the company has denied commenting.

Richard have an idea that grilling a big corporation for its gray areas is the theme upon which 60

Minutes is built upon, and shying away from the program will be a negatively defensive strategy.

Q2) what kind of research should she do?

Before going on national television Richards must conduct a primary survey regarding the image of the company. Although Coor is the fifth largest beer company but it has been plagued with the severe allegations regarding union busting and bad employment practices. For that purpose, company must know about public opinion regarding its image. Primary research will provide a blue print to the company to formulate a comprehensive defense strategy before going on the national television. The core focus of the strategy must not be satisfaction of Wallace or union, but instead it should be viewer focused because at the end of the day the business is the people who drink Coor beer. Until people perceive Coor as an ethical company it can stay in business while tackling other problems.

Moreover, primary research will be conducted by a reputable research firm in order to establish the credibility of the research. This research document can serve as the documented fact in defense of the company. It won't ...
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