Adoption And Implementation Of Environmental Management Systems In Small Medium Enterprise (Sme) Hotels In Blackpool

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Adoption and Implementation of Environmental Management Systems in Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Hotels in Blackpool



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Maintaining a strong environmental management system calls for effective and efficient strategies undertaken by small and medium enterprises (SME's), which shall enable the company and the associated competitors in the society. The paper aims to understand the credibility and significance of environmental management systems and their reputation with respect to the small medium enterprise (SME) hotels, residing and functioning in Blackpool. With this paper, we shall be able to identify the key factors that are responsible for effective environment management systems, implemented in the realm of hospitality.










The factors inducing international firm growth are generally categorized into a dichotomy of positive and negative factors that align with the determinants of general firm growth. In this latter instance the owner-manager adopts a passive and risk-adverse approach in the choice of market and the type of market entry strategy adopted. Additionally, a variety of micro and macro environmental factors contribute to a firm's decision to export. These include factors associated with the customer and competitive, social, cultural, economic and technological characteristics of the international business environment, and provide positive or negative determinants for SME internationalization (Alexander, 2002, 2).

Once the decision to export is made the owner-manager needs to evaluate the suitability of their product or service in its current form for acceptance in new international markets. The level of adaptability required and the availability of financial resources to support the modification of the product or service, and in functional areas such as international marketing, selling, production and distribution, will impact on the feasibility of the export activity. Concurrently, the owner-manager must assess their own commitment to international firm growth and the availability of the necessary knowledge and skills to do so (Ann, Zailani & Wahid, 73).


Questionnaire for Environmental Management System

When it comes to defining and making a survey, for this purpose, we shall be discussing the accounts of environmental management systems (EMS) in grave detail. For this purpose, we shall be using Likert Scales in order to identify the credibility of environmental management system. In this questionnaire, we shall be allotting a numeric value to each answer (5 being the most significant while 1 being the least significant).

How important is an environmental management system (EMS) to a hotel at Blackpool?

Least 1 2 345 Most

2. Is the need for human interaction necessary while running an environment management system?

Yes ...
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