Adoption Of New Technology Systems

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Adoption of New Technology Systems

Adoption of New Technology Systems


It is important for the people to understand the implementation and integration of technology in the field of nursing. This has helped the medical staff, as well as, the nurses to make sure that they work in the most efficient manner to help the patients recover. Technology has a huge impact on the communication between the nurses and the medical staff so that they can work in a manner that will help the patients in getting rid of their problems.

The paper will discuss the role of nurses in the implementation and functioning of the new technologies in the hospitals. The paper will reflect on the theory of Carl Rogers about the qualities of a fully functioning person. The theory will be applied to the personality of nurses in meeting the goals and objectives of the healthcare.


According to Rogers, each and every person can achieve their desires and wishes in life. When they achieved their dreams, the state of self-actualization takes place in their personality.

Rogers has described that the people who are capable of achieving the state of self-actualization are not common and are fully functioning people. Rogers have established his theory on the ground of five qualities of a fully functioning person. These are:

Open to experience: it involves the acceptance of both kinds of emotions, positive and negative. They are capable of reducing the negative thoughts with the help of positive influence from inside.

Existential living: they are being able to live a life without having any misjudgments and preconceptions. They do not look in the past and accept the reality as it is in the present (McLeod, 2007).

Trust feelings: they get the inner instincts about anything which could happen. They pay attention to their gut feelings and make their ...
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