Adult Daycare Future Services

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Adult Daycare Future Services

Adult Daycare Future Services


Macon Adult Day Care is an independent family owned business founded by Christy Sheffield, has been in business for 2 years offering services to family members who have relatives that have 2 or more limitations with activities of daily living. Mrs. Sheffield and her husband Jeff have provided in-home care to these families allowing the immediate care provider a respite for the day or several hours to tend to personal business that otherwise could not be done because of the responsibilities and demands of providing care to their loved ones. Mrs. Sheffield has been involved with the health care industry for over 15 years and holds a bachelors degree in heath care administration; his husband Jeff, has been a volunteer in nursing homes over the period of her mother's stay in a residential home.

Together, Mr. Jeff and Christy, determined that there should be a way for the family to be able to still provide care for their loved one in need while being able to still enjoy life themselves; Macon Adult Day Care offers this service while providing quality, loving care to the patient client in the comfort of their home. While still providing this in-home service, Mrs. Sheffield found that some clients were uncomfortable with strangers entering their homes but were willing to bring their loved ones to a facility for the day. This opened the venture of a store front day care facility and other opportunities to expand the business. This venture will be operational in the next year and will offer health care services which will include: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, counseling for future long term care placement of loved ones no longer suited for day care services. In addition to the above services the new facility will allow for Macon Adult Day Care to provide shuttle service for clients.

Future products and services

Macon Adult Day Care currently offers in-home services to clients with 2 or more Activities of Daily Living limitations, services provided include: cooking, laundry, house cleaning, and bathing. With the expansion of Macon Adult Day Care, in-home service will still be continued however, the new facility will allow it to provide other critical services such as social interaction activities, occupational therapy, physical therapy, blood sugar analysis monitoring, respiratory therapy, prescription pick-up and delivery service, counseling for family members, on-site case manager, nutrition services, and a livery service to and from the facility. Future plans call for visits to the facility by contracted dentist, physicians, and lawyers specializing in elderly care giving, to augment the care already provided or provide services that are not readily available to the client or family members.

Research has shown that most adult day care service is only provided during the hours of 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. These hours do not provide clients with optimum time management opportunity because most family members who need such service must be at their place of employment during those ...
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