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Adult Nursing

Adult Nursing

Adult Nursing Practices

The field of human services is a respectable career field which is broadly defined as, distinctively approaching the objective of serving and meeting human needs and by applying interdisciplinary knowledge base, by focusing on redemption as well as on prevention of problems and maintaining a dedicated commitment for improving the overall quality standard of life of service populations. The human services are a profession which promotes and support the delivery of the improved delivery systems by not just addressing the quality of the services but also by continuously seeking to improve accountability, accessibility, and coordination among the agencies and professionals in service delivery. Nursing is a profession considered as a highly esteemed profession. Nursing focuses on the health care of individuals, communities, and families so as they can recover and maintain optimal,healthy life. Adult nursing practice normally related to those patients who are suffering from long-term and acute diseases, illness or for those who require surgery, adult nurses usually works for young adults and older people. Adult nursing main focus is on the needs of the patients rather than their illness, normally adult nurses work most in hospitals and communities which attached to general practice or health care unit. Many nurses also work with patients at their home.

Adult Nursing Practices plays various roles, and these variety roles based on different factors including social, political, and economic in society. To fulfil these roles, nurse has to learn the environmental considerations, ethical considerations and national, state health policy of services in collaboration. They do not only conduct comprehensive health assessment but also have a responsibility for meeting client needs both nationally and internationally view. Economic consideration plays a vital role in the current healthcare environment management. The change in demographics and lifestyle has been a challenge for professional health care. The need for drugs cost and lengths of hospital stay; home care services and continue care has been rising. Moreover, nurses should know medication management. If nurses have an advanced pharmacology education, than they would be able to provide prescription and high quality services and control costs.

Good communication skill can help nurses assessment easier, and effect health teaching in adult nursing. Even after discharge from hospitals nurse still have to contact patients and their family by telephone and home visit. Certainly, nurses should also provide direct care whenever the patient's need. Along with this they should also assist the patients to obtain services and other resources in the community. Moreover, nurses can look for physicians help to get immediate treatment. In order to accomplish this, nurses should be trained as an expert. However, to be an expert in nursing, Adult nurse should learn the health care policy. Therefore, ANP requires not only master degree but also lot of experience to take care of patients. Moreover, nurse should also be experienced in the management field.Blood Pressure

The measurement of pressure exerted on the wall of the wall of arteries known as the Blood Pressure. The hearth pumps the blood through the ...
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