Affordable Care Act, Obama Care

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Affordable Care Act, Obama care

Affordable Care Act

Introduction Historical Background

President Teddy Roosevelt thought that any country cannot be strong if its citizens have no proper health facility and are weak and poor. In order to spread his vision regarding universal health care for all Americans, in 1912 he ignored his retirement, joined the progressive party and took part in Presidential selection again. Unfortunately, he failed to convey his 'square deal' and didn't have any grip as a third party (

Later on President Franklin Roosevelt, President Teddy Roosevelt's cousin, started to struggle for universal health care, eventually introduced and resolved enacting Social Security in1935. In 1948, President Truman used universal health care as the Democratic Party's platform named as 'Fair Deal' and ultimately had resolved it.

In 1960s President Kennedy carried on the fight for universal health care. Regrettably his government was cut short. After this President Johnson's great Society” originally known as “Un-American and Socialist” traditionalists endorsed Medicare and Medicaid, but this also clear-cut because of the long aspired universal exposure.

During 1970s a Republican, President Nixon's personal occurrence with poverty and family illness which he had faced motivated him to move forward for Health care reform by using private insurers. With two side's efforts, President Nixon and Senator Kennedy crafted the Nixon-Kennedy Health Care plan for 1974. This plan would ensure universal exposure for all Americans. Because of Watergate scandal, this bill was never reached the point of great acceptance. President Clinton fought too for universal coverage, but unfortunately he also failed to take this bill passed by congress.

In 2008, the two presidential candidates from republican and democrats brought the debate regarding Health care campaign. Later on when Obama won the presidential elections, democrats found it to be the perfect time to pass a comprehensive health care law. After about two years, Obama government did the same as they planned and passed the new affordable health care reform. But unfortunately they failed to convey the key facts and explanation regarding this act which leads us to the spot where we are today. ( Origin of Obama care act

On March 23, 2010 Barack Obama, President of United States of America, signed the milestone Health Care Reform Legislation. This act is named as 'Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act' and it also known as 'Obama care' by many republicans. This act relegated $940billion over 10 years to enlarge exposure to practically 32 million of the 54 million uninsured Americans. All this would be compensating by $438 billion in new-fangled taxes and more than $500 billion in expense reductions, for the most part through Medicare program ( This act will provide exposure to more than 94% Americans by bowing the health care cost curvature and by dipping the deficit over the subsequent 10 years and beyond (


Mechanics of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act comprise of nine main heads, apiece concentrating on fundamental components of reform that confers the following points mainly: ...
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