African American Adolescent Males

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African American Adolescent males

African American Adolescent males


In this study we try to explore the concept of “African American Adolescent males” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “African American Adolescent males” and its relation with “Depression and Suicide”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “African American Adolescent males” and tries to gauge its effect on “Depression and Suicide”. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for “African American Adolescent males” and tries to describe the overall effect of “African American Adolescent males” on “Depression and Suicide” (Davidson, 2010).

African American Adolescent males


Depression is a disease which feeds upon an individual's weaknesses and further escalates into a suicide. In the United States of America, the suicide rate is the major cause of deaths amongst adolescents than any disease or health issue. Now the recent trend tells us that there is an increase in the suicide rate amongst African American Adolescent males than their white counterparts. Further in this research the issues instigating the rise will be elaborated.


Depression and suicide are two things which have been prevalent amongst the teenagers and adolescents in the United States of America. Recently the trends who that there has been a significant increase in the suicide rate amongst Black Adolescent men as compared to white Adolescent men. This has been instigated through generations upon generations which have led to the increase in the suicidal rates and further affect the coming generations. Single- parent's family where a father is present also has faced issues like these. The only guardian to the children commits suicide and the children are therefore sent to the foster care, which escalates into suicide as well due to the fact that these children have issues adjusting in the new family.

Moreover, the African American who is basically born in America has dealt with a difficult history starting from the early 1900s and still struggle till today. Earlier, the African immigrants dwelling on American soil were subject to sheer slavery and often their women were taken away to were subjected to sexual abuse and harsh slavery. This has been instilled in generations upon generations and till today this trauma prevails as the society is unwelcoming and unaccommodating. The unfortunate thing is this, even the current President is an African American, and not many reforms have taken place, as the Congress and Senate majority consists of white people. Due to social, peer and internal pressures such as house hold issues have given a reason and provoked these young men to commit suicide after losing all the battles.

Although, many civil right actions have taken into place and much blood was lost but the battle still prevails and since it is a losing battle everyday an African American commits suicide after being disheartened. Therefore, there is a dire need therefore to understand variations in presentation, symptoms and suicide related behaviors in African American male adolescents.

In this paper I plan to critically review the empirical literature on ...
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