African Americans

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African Americans

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African Americans

Part- I

I. Origin and history

The history of Afro-Americans is a respected and a constitutional field of American history. In order to show black participation in the nation's growth and development, to prove the inevitability of black equality, or to demonstrate the inexorable progress made by Afro-Americans. It conducted as a distinct area of inquiry, within the discipline of history, with black people as its primary focus to reveal their thought and activities over time and place. As we approach the twenty-first century, the time has come to assess and evaluate the historical outpouring of the last few decades.

Discrimination got done on the basis of racism, which done on the basis of color, such as white or black. Discrimination can also be done on the basis of either it is yellow, or red, or blue, etc (Hall, 2010). These are all ordinary racial categories which are very commonly seen in this bias world. It is very commonly seen that the ethic families have the habit of discriminating others by comparing it with other communities. They discriminate on the basis of religion, family ancestry, and on artistic performance. They prefer all people who belong to their caste and give those full rights and freedom, and they ignore others. The same case is with African Americans. They not given the rights as other European Americans enjoys. All people share a common origin and belong to only one race, human (Institute of Medicine, 2003). This is the practice which should be followed, but unfortunately, it not followed in America, and African Americans suffer due to this reason (Kamali, 2009).

European and Americans are the ones who initiated the concept of racial discrimination. In the 17th and 19th century, they started disliking the people in their society who were not part of their caste. They started taking away the rights of other individuals who did not belong to their community. The right of education, job, etc. all taken away from them, and they started to rule in their area. One of the British scholars wrote in his research that in 18th century, the discrimination increased, and the European Americans influenced by this discrimination. As they liked it, they started practicing racial discrimination in their societies.

There are many types of discrimination in different civilization throughout the world. The history shows that these types exist since ages, which got continued and got still practiced in many countries. However, Europeans were the first one who started his movement of discrimination. They started it on the basis of religion, color, caste, kingdom, job status, family status, family background, spoken language, and many more factors. Racial discrimination is an early tendency, which most of the people have in them and now the whole nation practices it. A lot of countries practice the racial discrimination, but the most obvious one is the discrimination faced by African Americans. United States of America have Americans who are Europeans and Africans, and white have the power which makes African Americans to ...
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