African Cultures Reinforced

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African Cultures Reinforced

African Cultures Reinforced


African culture, like many others, also has its own history and traditions that play an important role and help the governing its cultural values and folklore. The African culture variations of religions, intriguing styles of music, and the formation of dancing, food, and its specific language, all components of the influence of this culture throughout the world.

Reinforcement African culture

African cultures and the role he served for black cultures in most regions of the world such as African American are similar. In the black in American society, as in many African societies, music served many important functions. It was part of patient care, education, initiation, weddings, festivals, religious ceremonies and protests (Vassberg 36). It is relatively safe to assume that these musical structures and practices in America are obtained directly from Africa. Although it is debatable whether any documents were physically carried on the slave ships, they were at least well-replicated, when in America. These instruments included drums, bells, rattles, gongs, and to a lesser extent, stringed instruments.

As Africans and their descendants were shipped in, and mix with new cultures, they began to do the same with their music. It is important to note that there are similarities between African and European music that provided by which the two can be mixed. Three main features common to both is the use of harmony and diatonic scale, and the fundamental metric base. In America, mixing two music was further facilitated by the fact that the Portuguese population, and some of the African population was under the influence of Arabic instruments and rhythms. African slaves in America, and their descendants became a mixture of European folk songs with their own tribal songs to create a truly new syncretized music. Known as the "Negro American" music, it ...
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