After-Action Review

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After-Action Review


This paper will discuss three terrorist attacks. The first terrorist attack that is discussed in this paper is the London Bombings that took place in 2005. The effects and responses of this act in the country are also discussed. The second terrorist attack discussed in this paper is the Oklahoma terrorist attack and then the Olympics terrorist attack is discussed. The discussion includes complete information about the attack and their masterminds. In the end a comparison is done between the three terrorist attacks, which highlight the similarities and differences between these attacks.

After-Action Review


The London Bombings are often referred to as the 7/7 and were series of suicide bombings. These bombings killed fifty two people and injured over seven hundred people. Four bombs were exploded by four terrorists in quick session on the morning of seventh July. Three bombs were exploded on the London Underground trains and the fourth bomb was exploded on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square (Liza, 2007). When the bombings occurred on the Underground train network, it was assumed that six bombs had exploded rather than three bombs; however, this was corrected later in the day. The erroneous reporting took place due to the injured passengers that emerged from both the stations. As the blast took place on the trains that were between the stations, it was made sure that these people are given aid immediately.

Effects of the London Bombings

The effects of the London Bombings included the responses of the media, security, the country and the international community. The media response was that there was continuous coverage of the news and the incident and people who were involved (Beau, 2010). Victims of this incident were able to receive medical aid and were transferred to a safe place as soon as the officials could. The officials of charitable organisations made sure that they helped the people in need and were also able to save them. People who were injured were immediately shifted to the nearest hospitals so that they could get medical aid.


The security response to these bombings was also instant. As soon as the bombs exploded, the officials came in and sealed the area. The police made sure that they helped the people and took necessary steps that helped the people. The London Underground was closed soon after the attacks took place. The security officials suspended the London Bus system after the bomb blasts. The major buildings in London were shut soon after the blasts took place and many events were cancelled.

The response of the financial sector also proved to be beneficial for the country. It helped the country in maintaining the liquidity and provided resources to the country for fighting this situation. It made sure that the financial system of the country remains functional and operational (Liza, 2007).

The nationwide response also helped the country to recover from this panic situation. This made sure that the country is efficient in managing this situation. The people were very helpful towards each other which ...
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