Agency Analysis Paper (Informational Interview)

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Agency Analysis Paper (Informational Interview)

Agency Analysis Paper (Informational Interview)


Non profitable organization

A non profitable organization can be defined as an institution, Group or corporations operated under the policy that none of the group or the individual that is the trustee or the stakeholder of that organization will be illegible of sharing the profit or the loss generated by the organization. Earning the profit is not the main or the centered goal of that organization. Profit is generated or utilized different category that could be the surplus or increase in fund balance. The assets are offered by the sources that do not expect any return of those resources or the provision of the economical cost of those resources.

The best examples of these non profitable organizations could be the charities, government, charities, universities, religious institutions and some of the hospitals that are running by funning process.

Specifying the area of Baltimore Metropolitan area, the non profitable organization that is taken as case study is an NGO (Non- Government6al Organization). The name of this organization is AIDS Action Baltimore (AAB).

AIDS Action Baltimore (AAB)

This paper consists of the data that was collected by a formal interview with Jeffrey Grabelle, who is the office manager of the organization. He has been conned to AAB for many years.

Description of organization

This organization is a non profitable organization therefore it serves dedicatedly for the provision of services and support to the patient with HIV and HCV in Baltimore. It provide assistances in policy planning, education and prevention services, research advocacy and treatment access to people who are suffering from the disease like HIV and HCV. It also serves across the nation. This organization is providing services to the people of HIV since 1987. It provides a community structure to the people who are suffering from this disease. It is basically running on the donations that are granted by the common people as well as funding from the government and other resources. This is on the oldest organization of Baltimore fighting against AIDS and providing awareness and assistance programs to the people.

Excerpts from the agency's annual brochures

The excerpts that are quoted in the organization's annual brochures convey a lot of message that provide the message for the assistance and help from the people. It says “Please help us fight AIDS- through the United Way and Combined Charity Campaign”. In the annual report and the donation form that ...
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