Agency Visit Assignment

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Agency Visit Assignment

Agency Visit Assignment

Agency name

Black Women Raising Inc

Name and position of contact

Angela Carter

Date of interview


Services provided by the agency

Provide easy to find listings shelter for women in need

Population served

Black Women Raising Inc serves the targeted population of women from escaping of abusive or violent situations, for instance domestic violence or rape.

General ethical dilemmas in the human services profession

In my point of view, the profession of Human service meets the needs of the entire society. This profession includes life skill coaching, drug rehabilitation and counseling. We are working in this profession and fulfilling the fundamental requirements of shelter, clothing and food. The employees of human service encounter certain circumstances in which they need to pick up the right decision while executing the responsibilities with respect and equity for the people. In this manner, we take help from the codes of ethics for the process of decision making. In our profession, organizations usually appoint counselors and case managers for maintaining the policy of confidentiality on sharing the personal details. It is possible that workers of the organization might use this tool for suing the organization by sharing the client's information. For example, it might seem good to share information of the client to his or her spouse of discovered pathologies or neuroses to erupt sympathetic feelings with the symptoms of the patient. But still this approach in our cultural norms and association boundaries can put the client in danger or rejection if the worker does this. The ethical dilemma of confidentiality plays one of the key roles under the profession of human services. Moreover, people who select the profession of human service often hold the trait of responsibility for the betterment of human in society. Apart from this profession, they might be community volunteers, charity fundraisers and religious leaders.

Ethical dilemmas that are faced by the specific services provided by this agency

The organization of Black Women Raising Inc faced a number of ethical dilemmas under their project execution. The core ethical dilemmas are safety and cross-cultural impacts. We normally face the problem of safety and reliability over the donator of the shelter. In modern times, people do many illegal works under the header of social work. Therefore, it becomes difficult for us to rely over the shelter provider and maintain the safety measures of the suffering women. Most of the times, we have to investigate about the donators reliability as ...
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