Agricultural Export And Economic Growth In A Globalized World: Republic Of Haiti

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Agricultural Export and Economic Growth in a Globalized World: Republic of Haiti




Purpose of Study1

Problem Statement1

Key Terms1

Research Objectives2

Research Question2

Literature Review3

Concept of Economic Growth3

Overview of Haiti4

Economy of Haiti5

Trade Policy8

Agriculture of Haiti9

Unification Concept9


Proposed Research Method10

Data Collection procedure11

Quantitative Data12

Proposed Timeline/Deliverables12




Purpose of Study

The low income and peasant-based economy of Haiti has faced extreme level ecological and economic challenges for developing in late 1980's. It has been America's one of the poorest countries where almost two-third of the Haitian people are depending on the agricultural sector of Haiti (Carbaugh, 2005). It agricultural sector mainly contains small-scale farming which is quite vulnerable and can easily be damaged by the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, which is further worsened by the deforestation in Haiti.

Problem Statement

The purpose of this research is to analyze the economic condition and economic growth of The Republic of Haiti. In addition to this, research will also analyze agricultural activities in Haiti and how they have affected the exports of the Republic of Haiti.

Key Terms   

Unification: Mergers and Acquisition of different corporations in order to perform a certain activity.

Economic Growth: Economic Growth means a boost in the capability of an economy to produces more goods and services, in comparison of one period to that of another time period.

It can be measured and calculated in general terms, these include inflation or in actual terms i.e adjusted for inflation. In order to compare one country's economy with that of the other's, GNP or GDP, per capita must be used as these are based on the population differences between the countries compared.

GDP: Gross Domestic Product - it refers to the final market value of all the services and products produced in a particular country within a specific time-period.

GNP: Gross National Product - it refers to the market value of services and products that are produced in one year by the labor and property provided by the residents of that country.

Research Objectives

The objectives of the research are as follows:

To develop an understanding of Agriculture Unification

To analyze the importance of Agricultural Unification in the Globalised World

To understand the importance of Agricultural Unification in the Republic of Haiti

Research Question

What is Agricultural Export Unification?

Why is agriculture export unification important in the globalized world?

Why Does Agricultural Unification important for The Republic of Haiti?

How does Agriculture sector affect the Economic Growth of The Republic of Haiti?

Literature Review

Concept of Economic Growth

It is important to examine other scholars' definitions of economic growths because economic development is an ambiguous term. Scholars use this term as an alternative name for economic growth, and another name for the improvements that move an economic system from a lower to a higher level. Economic growth seems to suggest the transformation and aggregation of a nation into a national economic system with modernized characteristics. Galbraith (2004) defined economic development as "a condition by which individuals and society at large enjoy a healthy quality of life, are free, have opportunities for upward mobility, and are able to improve their material ...
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