Aircraft Security Assessment

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Aircraft Security Assessment

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Aircraft Security Assessment

Reviewing present security assesses, identifying pledge risks and vulnerabilities, and providing recommendations to help the aerodrome with increased security. Recommendations provided are directed to down turn vulnerabilities to pledge terrorist attacks and other lawless individual acts. For foreign aerodromes we can offer help with TSA foreign aerodrome evaluation, supply recommendations for the enhancement of present security designs per ICAO Annex 17, educating methods and equipment. We more over provide liaison with US government, oversight, management and designing. (Nuala 2006)


Regulatory Compliance

            Handling LOI's (TSA Letters of Investigation), conceiving amendments and conferring on other regulatory compliance matters. Our regulatory professionals supply help with inquiries on TSA regulatory activities for example LOI's, amendments and interpretation. Having an skilled, knowing and recognised professional on your edge can be invaluable. (Lisa 2005)


Security Manuals and Audit

            We have authored an whole library of airline security manuals that can offer you a response based on your operational obligations. Our professionals regularly perform audits of aviation security methods round the world. Audits are habitually completed with customer's goals in mind be it central evaluation or foundation for TSA inspections. (Associated Press 2006)


Certification Assistance for Start up Carriers

            We provide comprehensive response for start up carriers searching TSA certification for part 121 and 135 operations. Services encompass suggestion of required documentation to the TSA, liaison with the TSA, educating meetings as well as close pursue up and talking throughout the first months of operations.


Expert Witness Service

            We can provide court-qualified professional observer services on TSA regulatory compliance matters. This service is for carriers and aerodromes regulated under 49 CFR 1542, 1544 and 1546 committed in a lawful processes. (Wayne 2004)

            In answer to exact understanding data, the United States Government has increased the Homeland Security Threat Advisory Level to Orange for the ...
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