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Airline Industry

Airline Industry


Airline Industry can be called as one of the biggest industry in the world. In that broad industry, European Airline industries part is very high. European Airline industry consists of two sectors mainly Main stream and Budget Airlines. The budget airline sector is becoming a great threat to the main stream airlines in these days. Among the Budget Sector Airlines Ryan air is the most comfortable and cost virtual airline. Here, the essay is mainly dealing with the reviewing of the management strategy of the budget airline giant RYANAIR. Essay includes not only the management strategies but also the main problems that Ryan airs have to face in their entire business period. Also, includes the analyses of European Airline Industry in relation to Ryan air.


Analysis of European Airline Industry

Europe's main stream airlines industry includes British airways, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines and BMI. Before the establishment of the budget airlines, they were the kings of European airline industry. The Budget Airline or the Low fare airline includes Easy jet, Virgin Express, Are Lings, Bombay My Travelled and last but not the least Ryan air. Among these budget, airlines and the main stream airline there occurring a massive competition and many have led to disputes also. The emergences of the budget air lines actually make the condition of the main stream very worse.

Budget Air lines of Europe like Ryan air and Easy Jet were really making their market in the Airline Industry. There rate of growing is really good in the aircraft industry, and this is the only field where you can generate more profits. The Budget airlines were earnings not only on the country of conventional airlines also they have made a huge impact on contract airlines and carriage ferries.

The key factor lead to success is they are cost leaders. They offer low fares, and they are maintaining low cost strategy. On the other hand, increasing in passengers volume scar ferries are blamed on the availability of low fare flights. The style of competition within the budget airlines gives us an idea that winner takes all positive favours. The overriding factor is winning lose situation some companies gain from it and some companies lose. Inspire of all that the early entrants like Ryan air and as time passing southwest were getting more and more benefits (FERBER, 1962 Pp. 76-80).

At that time, the competition between the budget Airlines were getting more and more furious. .The Competition leads to the formation of a bad episode between Ryan air and Go air. The head to head competition is extremely damaging the entire Industry. The ordinary carriers like British Airways have introduced lots of ways. They have made a lot of changes within themselves by decreasing cost on a domestic flight. Some of them even planned to maintain low cost strategy to the international flights so that they can acquire benefits and profits of Budget airline. The European Commission also threatens the budget airlines due to an approaching annoyance of an environment protection allege ...
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