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The main expected advantages of financial software

The system should provide the application the ability to determine where the company is related to the goals of profitability and break-even points and also to determine where changes and adjustments are necessary. The system should provide ongoing compliance with industry or governmental accounting standards to outside entities may rely on financial information company. There should be a better understanding of the financial health of the company both as an entire business unit and individual. Data access objects such as database, table,

field, and index objects, were used as primary methods to connect and manipulate data in the database. The data access objects constitute the foundation on which this application is built.If any of these benefits are lacking, the system is not providing you with everything it should (Atrill, 2004).

Accounting information system

AIS is used for the decision making in the organization. AIS records transactions, events and procedures of the information for the purpose of evaluation. It also facilitates the future decisions. The role of AIS in measuring success of the organization is that it serves its purpose as the backbone of the information system of the organization. AIS is the integrator of the organizational information process.

Benefits of AIS

Generally, the AIS offer benefits such as cost cutting, saving time in accounting procedures performance, quick and easy access to financial data, advance preparations of financial statements and improvement in the overall efficiency of the business.

Off-the-shelf AIS

This system refers to purchase of the accounting software from Oracle. This software includes the basic and fixed applications which can be helpful for small businesses. It is the cheapest form of accounting software.

Modification of existing AIS

This software adds-on to the existing system of the company/ it is important for a growing business as it is offered with the extra accounting features. This software generally includes the internet postage or online bill payments.

Purchase of AIS from Oracle

This software would be made by the Oracle Company customizing the software according to the needs and requirements of the company. This software is usually availed by the large business and organizations. This option is highly expensive, starting from $100,000 (Bennett, 2006).


Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise applications are able to meet the highest business requirements. They represent a comprehensive solution for enterprises, allowing achieving:

improve performance;

Acceleration of the enterprise;

Reduce cost of ownership.

Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Release 9.1 Network Oracle Partner Network has thousands of applications partners who can help you in the shortest time to prepare for the use of Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Release 9.1.

Benefits and Result

Increase in productivity

Interaction with the user by the standards of Web 2.0 increases the efficiency of

New tools for collaboration to support business processes

Support informed decision-making through the workstations, panel indicators and built-in analytical tools (Elliott, 2004),

Accelerating Enterprise

Complex business processes are executed integrated solutions

Powerful, full-featured application meets current business requirements

Proposals sharpened the specifics of specific industries

Reduced cost of ownership

There is no need to amend or refer to narrow-profile suppliers - products contain the features ...
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