Akbar And Birbal

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The List of Fools

The List of Fools

The List of Fools

The emperor Akbar had many hobbies. He liked playing chess and flying kites; he liked listening to stories of other lands; but his favourite hobby was collecting horses, finest horses. One day a horse dealer came to the palace. He had a team of horses to sell. The emperor came out and looked at the horses. “They are very fine horses,' said Akbar. 'I'll buy them. Have you got any more?” 'No sir, 'said the dealer. 'But if you give me some money, I will go to Afghanistan and buy some more.'

Akbar gave the horse dealer two hundred silver rupees for the team of horses, and two hundred rupees more to bring more horses from Afghanistan. He gave him the money, but he did not ask him any questions. He did not ask what his name was, where he came from, or where he lived. The horse dealer took the money and went away. 

A few days later, Akbar asked Birbal to make a list of the ten biggest fools in India. Birbal made the list very quickly and took it to the emperor. As Akbar began to read it, his eyes opened wide. The Emperor's name was at the top of the list!

'What's this, Birbal?' the emperor shouted. 'Why is my name at the top of the list?' 'You deserve to be at the top,' Birbal explained. 'You gave money to a stranger, and you did not ask who he was or where he came from. Is not that foolish?'

'But I gave him the money to buy horses,' said Akbar. 'When he brings me back the horses, I'll.....' 'When he brings you the horses, I'll remove your name from the top of the list, and I'll write his name there instead,' said Birbal. Then Akbar realized he had indeed been foolish. He praised Birbal for his presence of mind.Questions from StoryQuestion No.1What were the hobbies of Akbar?Question No.2Why did Akbar like the horses?Question No. 3Where did Akbar and horse trader meet?

Question No. 4What did Akbar say when he first saw the horses?

Question No. 5What was the first question that Akbar asked of the horse trader?

Question No. 6What was the reply of the horse trader?

Question No. 7From where did the horse trader want to bring the horses? 

Question No. 8How many silver rupees did Akbar give to horse trader?

Question No. 9Do you think that Akbar asked any question of the horse trader?

Question No. 10What order did Akbar give to Birbal?Question No. 11What was the reaction of Akbar after watching the list?

Question No. 12Whose name was on the top of the list? 

Question No.13How did Birbal handle the situation?

Question No. 14After knowing his mistake, how did Akbar react?

Question No. 15What, in your view, was the main reason that Akbar did not ask any question of the horse trader?

Question No.16Why was Akbar's name on top of the list?

Question No. 17What is the moral of the story?Age and Class of Students

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