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Al-Qaeda next major domestic attack on the United States

Al-Qaeda next major domestic attack on the United States

“September 11, 2001, like Dec. 7, 1941, will live in infamy. For the first time since the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor, Americans have been attacked on their own soil,” said Senior San Diego Police Spokesman Bill Robinson. On this date terrorists hijacked four planes, all heading for major American landmarks. Two planes crashed into and leveled New York City's World Trade Center towers, one plane drove itself into the Pentagon, and the last plane crashed in Pennsylvania. The hijackers, members of an Afghanistan home based terrorist organization named al-Qaeda, and its' leader, Osama bin Laden, left President George W. Bush with a daunting and complicated decision of how to react.

The radicals of Islam believe that our nation, he United States of America, is responsible for polluting the minds of their youth and having them stray from Islam. This belief causes the Islamic fundamentalist to pronounce the United States as the devil's nation and the root source for all Western evils. One individual who enthusiastically believes this is Osama Bin Laden.

Osama bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Laden was born in Riyadh in 1957. He is the 17th of 52 children sired by Muhammad Bin Laden who was Saudi Arabia's wealthiest construction industrialist. During the entire period that the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Bin Laden started forming camps of soldiers of whom he commanded himself and was reported to actually set up six camps in total as well as forming an organization known as al Qaeda. This organization was created to organize the funds and channel fighters for the Afghanistan resistance. After the Soviet Union had left, Bin Laden returned as a hero but when he started openly opposing Saddam Hussein, even though the Saudi Arabian government was on good terms with him, he was then asked to keep a low profile. As the Persian Gulf unfolded, Bin Laden sent a letter stating that he would send his troops to help defend the nation but was never asked to. Instead he was informed that the United States would be sending troops. To Bin Laden, this was a major insult and from that point on Bin laden turned his back on the royal families and instead turned to religious scholars and Muslim activist. Bin Laden circulated a letter that called for people to support him and received an estimate of 4000 people to join his cause and train at his camps. To help raise money and fund his organization, Bin Laden set up legitimate businesses in the Sudan. These included a tannery, two large farms, and a major road construction company. Reportedly his organization had three initial objectives: a) Al Qaeda should put aside its differences with Shiite Muslim terrorist organizations, including Iran and its affiliated terrorist group Hezbollah, to cooperate against the perceived common enemy, the United States and its allies; b) the US forces stationed on the Saudi peninsula, including both Saudi Arabia ...
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