Alcohol Abuse

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Angela Berger

Liberty University


January 31, 2010


The difficulty is that no one actually understands how to because most victims of misuse hold calm about it. The only way would be to assure persons to drink in moderation or not at all. Considering that 14 million People misuse alcoholic beverage this would not precisely be easy. Today alcoholic beverage is decimating numerous families all over the world and it desires to be administered with else it will continue. This is factual for numerous reasons. First of all if a parent is an alcohol-dependent this infection is often moved on down to their children. On peak of this, as numerous currently understand, brutal behaviors are an exceedingly widespread edge effect of consuming in excess. These behaviors have an tremendously large influence on all of the other family constituents in numerous distinct ways. Often when young children are misused they turn to consuming to try to overlook their difficulties, or they turn to a more drastic solution.


Alcohol abuse is a significant issue in the United States affecting 18.2 million people over the age of 12. Consequences to abusing alcohol are both physical and mental. Some of the physical consequences are liver and heart disease, cancer, and increased risk to illness. Mental reasons include problems with violence, criminal activity, and an increased chance of being suicidal (Azzi-Lessing and Olsen 2006).

Specifically the focus of the project is aimed at curbing alcohol abuse among Native Americans. Native Americans suffer the most from illness, disability and death due to alcohol abuse. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Native Americans have a 438 percent greater risk of death due to alcoholism than other (Chaffin Kelleher and Hollenberg 2006).

Purpose of the Study

The goal is to provide a project which provides adequate support, services and activities to help people suffering from alcohol abuse. Project areas are providing counselling for alcohol abuse, providing a confidential talk line, and providing alcohol free activities on a regular basis.

Literature Review

Issues in Treatment of Native Americans with Alcohol Problems by Timothy C. Thomason address alcoholism in Native Americans. Native Americans have an increased amount of alcohol abuse and though the reason why is uncertain some speculations are that it is due to poverty, school failure, unemployment, poor health, feeling hopeless and family breakdown (Grant 2004). Though the overall cause of alcohol abuse in Native Americans is unclear if able to find out the cause for a particular person it makes treatment plans more appropriate and likely to work. Less than 1 percent of the United States currently has treatment plans specifically for Native Americans. When making a treatment plan for alcohol abuse for a Native American it is important to involve the extended family and not just the immediate family. Five common treatment models used for alcohol abuse are the medical model, the psychosocial model, the assimilative model, culture-sensitive model and the syncretism model.

Though various treatment projects have been tried few have been successful with Native Americans. For one Native Americans are a ...
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