Allmad Aviation Safety Practices

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Allmad Aviation Safety Practices

Table of Contents

Executive Summary6

Introduction and Scope9

Causes of Hazards in Aviation11

Trends in Security13

Allmad's History15

Safety Procedures in Allmad Aviation18

Revised Set of Regulations Covering SSP For Honey Islands19

Revised Set of Regulations for Honey Islands20

Meeting the International Regulations21

International Civil Aviation Organization21

Objectives of ICAO in its Constitution22

International Air Transport Association (IATA)23

Objective of IATA24

Safety Rules and Regulations of the Air25

Safety Management Manual For AA26

Error Management System26

Policy Statement28

Audit Models29

Reason Model29


Generic Error-Modelling System (GEMS)32

SHELL Model32


Safety Climate35

Vigilance and Aviation Security37

Gap Analysis for AA's Hazard Register38

Gap Analysis of AA's Audit Tools40

Set of Audit Tools for AA42

Auditor's Roles and Responsibilities42

External Auditors42

Documentation Control43


Recommendations for Allmad Aviation to have SMS Hazard Register Identification System44

Hazard Identification Flow Chart45

Gap Analysis of AA's Risk Assessment Procedures48




Risk Management System48

Risk Assessment Scheme for AA49

Gap Analysis of the Existing Risk Assessment System51

Risk Management Action Plan53

Leadership Challenges57

Organizational Influences58




Appendix A: Risk Analysis Reference Tables66

Appendix B: Amendment Request Form68

Appendix C: Acknowledgement Request Form69

List of Tables

Figure 1 AA Management structure

Figure 2 Recommended AA Management structure

Figure 3 Revised Set of Regulations for Honey Islands

Figure 4: Unsafe Acts

Figure 5: Human Performance Level

Figure 6 Audit Process Flowchart

Figure 7 Risk management action plan

Figure 8: Flow Chart

List of Tables

Table 1: Safety Management System Manual

Table 2: Audit Documentation Control

Table 3 Gap analyse the existing risk assessment system

List of Abbreviations

AAAllmad Aviation

ALOSAcceptable Level of Safety

CPChief Pilot

CEChief Engineer

CFPChief Financial Officer

CEOChief Executive Officer

CRMCrew Resource Management

DDCAThe Director of Honey Islands Department of Civil Aviation

ESLEnglish as a Second Language

GAIGlobal Aviation Insurance

ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation

HIHoney Islands

HIASRHoney Islands Air Safety Regulations

HIDCA Honey Islands Department of Civil Aviation

HIGHoney Islands Government

HRDHuman Resources Director

KPIKey performance Indicator

MEL Minimum equipment list

QAMQuality Assurance Manager

SMSSafety Management System

SMSafety Manager

SOSafetyOne Pty Ltd

OHSOccupational Health and Safety

OHSDOccupational Health and Safety Director

SOPStandard Operation Procedures

Executive Summary

This report will look into the present safety practices of AA and address any shortfalls in those practices, so that the future operation can be improved.

The Administration Department is vital to the internal running of the organisation. It must have firm and structured policies in place to oversee the compliance of operations with both local labour law practices and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements. To ensure that Allmad Aviation (AA) has adequate expertise, there is a need to add 3 staff to the organisation. An increase of 2 key personnel and 1 Fixed Wing Licensed Engineer will assist in dealing with the high demand of the work loads. The company will invest in the education of local staff and provide professional English lessons.

The report contains recommendations for the management team to implement specific actions. The Safety culture of the organisation will be improved by employing a Safety Manger who reports directly to the CEO.

It is recommended that each department must produce its own Standard of Operation Procedures in accordance with ICAO regulations. By having documentations and recording systems in place, the company will be better placed when, and if, auditing is conducted. The management needs to commit more resources to improve safety aspects of the operation.

Authority to distribute Distribution of these policies and procedures will be done, in writing, to the Chief Executive Office ...