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The American Airlines flight AA191 air crash on May 25th 1979

The American Airlines flight AA191 air crash on May 25th 1979


The sequence of events leading up to the accident

This American flight was regular scheduled traveller flight that was taking off from the “O'Hare International Airport” going towards “Los Angeles International Airport”. McDonnell Douglas had operated the flight DC-10-10 that crashed through the takeoff from Chicago, that included 13 crew member and 258 passengers on board, and all of them died in the incident including the two who were operating on the ground. Investigators have been capable of finding that the plane was holding onto the takeoff rotation, where the first engine got disconnected and flipped from the above the wing.

When the engine disconnected from the aircraft it caused damage to the left wing that resulted in retraction of the slats. It was observed that the right white continually produced life while the left wing aerodynamically slowed down. That caused the jet in consequently rolling to the left that reached the bank at an angle of 112 degrees that was partly inverted. The separation of the engine was the main characteristic to the damage of the pylon supports structure that held the engine with the wing that was caused by maintenance procedure that was improper took place at the American Airlines. Even though this crash mainly took place because of the errors in the maintenance, this accident was also one of the sequences that were able to add towards the negative reputation of the DC-10. It has been known to be one of the deadliest accidents in the history of the United States. It had been newly delivered to the American Airlines in the year 1972 and before the crash it had already covered 20,000 hours of flight seven years ago (Young. , 1979). When the maintenance record and the aircraft's flight log been presented there was no record of any discrepancies and even on the day when incident took place the standard procedure were kept in the plane which got destroyed during the accident. According to the investigations it can be stated that the pilots got aware of the failing of the engine one but they were not aware of the fact that it had the capability of falling down from the plane because the view from the cockpit is not that clear enough that it can show the wings and not even from air traffic control informed the pilots about the falling of the engine. So this can clearly be said that the flight crew and the pilots were only aware of failing engine.

The main causes of the accident

It can be studied that the Safety Board was mainly concerned regarding the present reporting system's limitations the FAA and the major maintenance and engineering personnel at the American Airlines where they were not acknowledges about the Continental Airlines that they acquired two damaged aft bulkhead flanges within the two DC-10's until the accident took ...
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