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American and European Culture

Concepts of Hippocrates

Hippocrates was a Greek philosopher and a writer who was known as the "Father of Medicine." His medical practice was based on his observations and the study of the human body in detail that he conducted. There were many books that were written by him from which one was “On Airs, Waters, and Places” in which he talked about the way in which Asia and Europe differ from one another (Hippocrates, pp.5). This has been shown with regards to the inhabitants and the ways in which they are different because of which they do not resemble with one another. With regards to the differences that occur between the people of Asia and Europe, he thinks that it defines the greatest significant differences. The difference between Asia and Europe is with regards to the nature of all the things. In Asia, as believed by Hippocrates, everything that sis produced is beautiful and large. Moreover, he also believes that the country is milder, and the inhabitants in Asia are milder, gentle and affectionate. This is mainly because of the temperature that persists in the region. All four seasons are experienced by the people who live in Asia. This is because of its location since it is lying in the middle where the sun rises towards the east. This enables the region not to experience too much cold weather and equality of temperature prevails because of which growth is not affected.


In the book, Hippocrates has mainly discussed his viewpoint about the differences in air, water and places in the East and Europe. According to him, there are major differences between the two regions in term of air, water and places. However, there are also some similarities between the concepts of Hippocrates and Western and Eastern concepts that are being ...
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