American Dependence On Technology

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American Dependence on Technology


Science Fiction has brought a prominent change in American culture, especially for the viewers of movies. Besides its attractiveness, it causes some adverse affects on the culture. In the most recent study, more than 700 technology individuals were asked to assess a collection of assumptions in an attempt to establish possible trends for coming era. The extremely tentative scenarios confronted to respondents are all unclearly evocative of several themes generally found in modern science fiction. From non-natural intelligences dominating humanity to unsatisfied Antagonists engaging in violence , the survey looks more like a dumped script Wallerstein comparatively examined the future seriously “Let 's scrutinize some of the more colorful dilemmas , and see how many of the conceptions have been conspicuously featured in cyber age” (2003, 95).

Influence of Science Fiction

Almost over 50 years, science fiction is being used as the one of the most essential and successful instrument, especially in Film sector. This product is so beneficial for American Cinema and is desirable of study for that motive alone. If we go in deep , the type has revealed important themes , apprehensions and improvement in American culture , so that a times past of science fiction film also does as a cultural history of America more than the past half century.

Among the presented films , nearly 15 movies has been chosen of the most winning and pioneering science fiction films of all time , and analyzed each of them at length-from cultural , technical and cinematic views-to look where they are and what they meant for the future , regarding influence of science fiction on American culture at large . The land marks films, such as ``The Matrix, ``Invasion of the Body Snatchers ' that showed our hopes and fears, our skills and our lackness. By this thorough investigation, we can all achieve something of ourselves that we make out, as well as a little that we've never made out before. Science fiction can affect human brains and causes stresses, because this is not a simple way to spend life. It is rather a complicated way, and a human cannot longer suffer in such a roundabout manner way (Yeldan, 38).

As we see that in American society, people meet their relatives once in a blue moon and then this fiction will imagine how it will be so difficult to make a relation even with a neighbor. I mean, the life will be so hectic and the rest of the culture can be affected rather badly. This exacting theme is studied lengthily in Star Trek Deep Space Nine season two , episode fifteen "Paradise " in which Captain Sisko and Miles O 'Brien turn out to be grounded on a planet lived by the followers of an extreme Luddite philosopher who thinks technology is damaging to human growth .

The Development Phases

The dependency on technology is a two edge sword. As a person that is house bound for physical reasons it is easier than ...
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