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Current Issues in American Education

Current Issues in American Education


The selected instructional model is to Marzano (1992), called Dimensions learning. This model based upon the premise that it takes several types of thinking that are essential to the learning process. It can be supported relatively easily the online mode. The literature related to processes and strategies of thought seems to agree on a list "central" powerful strategies. Strategies "core" is those that Good students know how to practice autonomously to process information successfully. These are strategies that require active engagement of the learner to construct meaning, acquire domain understanding and remember concepts, and monitor task variables, person and environment (Joice & Weil, 2002).

Nine Instructional Strategies

Identifying Similarities and Differences

It refers to the fact that without positive attitudes and perceptions, students can hardly learn properly, hence a key element of effective instruction is to achieve what you look for this dimension (Knight George, 2002).

Example: At the beginning of a unit or subject students face a problematic situation that allows them to gain awareness and positively motivates to content covered in that part of the course. This activity can be the problem-list concepts play in the course and ask students to try to define and / or relationship or a series of powerful data related to the topic of the course.

Summarizing and Note Taking

This refers to helping students integrate new knowledge with the knowledge they already have, hence, the strategies instructional for this dimension intended to help students link the again with the prior knowledge, organize the new knowledge significantly, and make part of its long-term memory (Knight George, 2002).

Example: In a history class, ask students to read (the material or book online text) the facts related to a historical event using the course discussion list and comment on what they already knew the subject. What events they know are the result of the episode question, what events are similar in this and what we could predict the future; also, apply for the task of organizing the information into a diagram that allows seeing relationships about the episode (Baldes & Cahill, 2000).

Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

This refers to the learner adds further distinctions and makes new connections. Analyze what you have learned in more depth and greater rigor. The activities commonly associated with this dimension are, among others, compare, classifying, making inductions and deductions.

Example: In a course on zoology, drawing on articles, videos, and animations online introduce students to the developmental stages of animals given fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals to characterize their reproductive system. Analyze the characteristics of the reproductive system and reproductive strategies and conclude, by a process of induction, with the evolutionary reasons for such a system for each of them. The conclusions should email to be analyzed and published in the exhibition section (Knight George, 2002).

Homework and Practice

Many teachers, parents and students, think that homework can have a positive effect on school performance. In addition, some research has shown that homework has a positive effect on student ...
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