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American Government

By studying Legislative power of American government vested in Congress by Article I, Section I, of the constitution makes one realize that the redistribution of income is quiet concentrating in the hands of few people. Top 20 percent of the population own 60 percent of the wealth. It could be stated that the middle class is facing more issues with respect to distribution of income far worse than that of 1980's. The system of progressive tax is also of not much effect in terms of reducing poverty, improving health public education and social programs. (Fred, pp. 7)

Congress has the total authority to deal with redistribution of income along with catering to the issues such as poverty reduction, improvement with respect to public health education and social programs. They do not have the authority to assign this power to any another body as well. It has been constantly stated that the congress aims to improve the foundation of United States and try to implement such means in their redistribution of wealth policies that cater to the betterment of their society as well. The power that is vested to them is provided to them taking into account the fact that this body is made without biasness, taking into account all the proper policies and procedures required during developing such a body .

People who are part of this legislator include such people who are well qualified to be part of this. There are no such external influences involved. Their aim is to work towards the betterment of United States of America. They aim to provide a better quality standard to the citizens, promote social programs nationwide.

In areas where education is not fully developed programs should be made in such areas to cater to the need. It has been observed that through powers given to the legislators the government of America has improved the foundation of the country. (William. G, pp5)

Coming down to developing a case on “War on Poverty” it can be developed by explaining that President Lyndon Johnson after the great shock of the assassination of Kennedy soon took place himself in the president's office. This gave him the opportunity to do what was left undone by the president. His mission was to accomplish it within eleven months, before the election of 1964, in order to acquire presidency. (Matusow, Allen, pp. 8)

Two very prime legislations were enacted. Firstly Bill OF ...
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