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African American Discriminations in the New South


“Discovering the American Past” is a book that deals with the past events that changed the course of history in America. It is written by William Bruce Wheeler, Susan D. Becker and Lorri Glover in the 1865. This book deals with the events and situations that America faced like Child Labor, Selling Consumptions African American problems.

However, I will only discuss on its chapter 2 “The Road to True Freedom: African American Alternatives in the New South” and support a conclusion based on the arguments provided in this chapter.


American history is made up of many different problems both social and economical. One of the main problems that America faced in the nineteenth century was the increasing discrimination between the white and black people of the new south. After the reconstruction of the new south, African Americans faced many problems that led many people to take and recommend steps to suppress and control this discrimination.

Following are the problems that African Americans faced after the reconstruction of the south.

They were normally banned from the textile mills that grew into the region's most important industry. Owners of the mills preferred to use even white women and children's rather than those who are black (African), who were increasingly portrayed as lazy, ignorant, and shiftless.

Most African Americans were unable to acquire land.

African-Americans were also tied to the land as sharecroppers or tenant farmers.

African Americans were ripped of their most important political rights and even after their requests of reformation of these policies; their issues were still not amended.

African Americans were intimidated and killed and the government and the relevant authorities never addressed any concerns with this situation.

Ida B. Wells

Ida B.Wells (1862-1931) was the co owner of the Memphis Free Speech newspaper. Her role in fighting against African American slavery in the new south was highly inseparable. She suggested the following alternatives.

For those African Americans that are facing violence and killing in their localities, they should leave those localities. African Americans should use violence as an answer to violence, and there should be a rifle in every black home in order to keep them safe and secure. Furthermore, she also suggested that African Americans if allowed can use their economic power that can make the society in the south more equal and powerful (William Bruce Wheeler, Discovering the American Past, 1865).

The arguments that were made ...
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