American Literature

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American Literature

American Literature


The literary work produced with in the United States and its surrounding colonies is known as American Literature. Currently, the American Literature is different from what is used to be in the past. From the beginning of the 21st century, an increase in the acceptability of all types of Literature was witnesses. The famous authors of the contemporary American Literature are all inspired by the authors of the past. For instance, the authors involved in writing speculative fiction, usually cites Lewis of having a major influence on them. The century has also witnessed the rise in the number of fiction and non-fiction books. A lot of these books were made into movies, making them blockbusters from the theatrical point of view as well, in this regard the Twilight Saga and the Series of Harry Potter are worth-mentioning.

Books and novels from the past are translated into easy English so as to make them useful for the youth of the 21st century. The genres upon which different books have been written in 2011 include literature, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction and fantasy, poetry and crime and thrillers. A lot of other books from the same genres are expected to be published this year (Skipp, 1992).

At present, the genre, which is read the most in American Literature, is fiction and thriller; due to which movies are also made on the fiction books.


American Authors and Poets

American Authors

If separated the fact that they were born in America what makes the content of the authors represent the Unites States is their unique and signature writing style, which authors of other countries do not have. However, understanding the current stance of American authors in poetry can be a complex task, because it takes the reader to differentiate between the main stream and avant-grade, the experimental and the traditional.

The increased desire of producing unique American literature rose up after the War of 1812; in this regard the efforts of literary figures including William Cullen Bryant, Edgar Allan Poe and Washington Irving are worth mentioning. In fact, Irving is also considered as the first author to bring a unique style in American humor (Baym, 2007).

The work of some writers which make them American authors is discussed in the forth coming part.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The first author to write a nonfiction book called Nature, in this book the author claimed that by observing and retorting to the natural ...
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