American Nation 1492-1865

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American Nation 1492-1865

American Nation 1492-1865


When Columbus discovered America in 1492, the Catholic Church was nearly fifteen centuries old. And its age was showing. The Church was founded by Christ to convey his Good News to all peoples. The Church, although, was created of commonplace human beings whose flaws often got in the way of their mission.


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Such swift and stunning achievement in the south half of the hemisphere boosted the Spanish to gaze to the north in the mid-1500s. Every Spanish expedition that embarked into the North American countries was escorted by Dominican, Franciscan, or Jesuit missionary priests. It was their blame to look after the religious desires of the fighters, and to alter to Christianity any Native Americans they might encounter.

Though they were very primitive and had not ever perceived of Christ, the Native Americans had a natural sense of God's closeness to them. They displayed this most apparently by their reverence for environment, and by their complicated observance for every occasion. To the missionaries all of this was very odd and different. The missionaries had a genuine zeal to save the spirits of the "Indians" by educating them the Good News about the one and only God and his Son Jesus Christ. But they asserted that the Native Americans leave all their own devout culture and observe only the devout culture and practices of European Catholicism.

Florida is a peninsula which expands to inside ninety miles of the island of Cuba, an early Spanish conquest. So Florida was a natural first halt in North America, and the beginning issue for numerous subsequent Spanish investigations into the central of the continent. The first try to alter the North American Indians came in 1549 when Father Luis Cancer and another Dominican came ashore at Tampa ...
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