American Revolutionary War Of Independence

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American Revolutionary War of Independence

The Native Americans of the west in the 1800 and 1900's were persecuted and murdered for their land. The U.S. came sweeping in imperialistically and continued on a massive wave of stealing land from the Indians. This may be considered very wrong in today's society but to the U.S. in this time it was perfectly fine. The U.S. seemed almost overbearing and controlling, as the British were to the colonies in pre-revolutionary America. The Indians were much like the early colonists of America. The patriots although when attempting to fight back the unjust ways of the British, won their struggle. While the Indians, Apache to name one group tried to fight back but lost to the imperialistic U.S. Geronimo was not only an Apache and Indian legend but also a man who had a spirit of patriotism of his land. Like our founding fathers, he was fighting to preserve his people's rights and land. In this paper, there will be discussion on the apaches, Geronimo, revolutionary war, patriots, and then a compare and contrast on the different people.

The Apache Indians are a group of Native American Indians originating from a tribe of Athabascan-speaking people. They consist of six different tribes, including: the Kiowa, who inhabited between northern border of New Mexico and the Platte River, the Lipan who dwelled in eastern New Mexico and western Texas, the Jicarilla of southern New Mexico, the Mescalero of central New Mexico, Western who lived in central Arizona, and finally one of the most famous, the Chiricahua tribe of Arizona mountains. The tribes for the most part were actually more nomadic but basically didn't travel to far out of their land. The Apache were hunters of buffalo although, few farmed. They often lived in small dome like brush huts called wickiups. The men often hunted while the women gathered food, wood, and clothing. Polygamy was practiced and either party could terminate marriage. The apache religion was based on gods of the mountains. "Religion was a fundamental part of Apache life. Among the best-known supernatural beings were the gans, protective mountain spirits represented in religious rites such as the girls' puberty ceremony, still performed by Western Apaches."(Gebauer, 207) The apache were a peaceful people until they were slowly encroached on by outside people such as the Spaniards and later the U.S. The apache transformed into fierce warriors who were adapted well to the desert and knew many important survival skills. Soon the apache grew custom to surviving off of the goods they plundered during their raids on civilized establishments. As the whites began to enforce more and more the apache slowly died down and many were placed on reservations. But few tribes stayed strong and fought against white oppression. The Chiricahuas were one of the tribes that transformed into fierce merciless fighters for their cause. They basically didn't appreciate the land infringement and wanted westward expansion to stop.

Geronimo was a very famous Chiricahua apache and Indian hero, warrior, and leader. He was ...
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