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American Slavery and its Abolishment



Thesis Statement


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Working conditions of US Slaves

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American Slavery and its Abolishment


U.S being a part of British Colonial system had a great history of slavery whether it comes to child exploitation or labor exploitation. It would not be wrong, if we say that the Industrial Revolution, which is behind the success of Europe and US, is entirely at the cost of other continent i.e. Africa. It was a time when the British colonies were expending vigorously. The idea of machine powered factories was materialized. These economies were getting advanced in terms of technologies. The trade was expanding enormously. Population was also increasing, but there was a decline in agrarian population.

Slavery, which is a practice of having ownership of someone else's life and directing their life in the way you feel best. U.S had a history of slavery of around 250 years. Researchers claim that the entire making of U.S, what it is today is because of those slaves who ended up with their lives with the hope of freedom.

Thesis statement

The saga of slavery set the ground for making of America


It started in 1619, when for the first time, a Dutch ship brought 20 of Africans to settle in Virginia. This importation of slaves continued till 1808 when it was considered illegal under U.S law. However, even after 50 years of this law, the slaves were still imported through illegitimate channels. The first colony was Massachusetts, which certified slavery in 1641 and later every colony came up with their rules regarding enslavement.

This tale of slavery which lasted for around 246 years is a tale of almost 12 generations of African Americans, who lived their lives as slaves. The slaved population was around 1 million in 1810, and it grew thrice in just 50 years and reached a level of 4 million. These slaves were mainly brought for the purpose of agriculture and mining. These slaves have spent their entire lives attending every thing and everyone else their personal needs and family.

This trade of slaves had created a new global economy. The agricultural boost of U.S is on the grounds of slavery. Majority of these slaves were plantation labors, who were involved in the plantation of sugar, rice, cotton, coffee, and tobacco. Researchers proposed that the profits from slavery and slave trades have led to the dominance of both the nations Britain and U.S on the entire globe.

Systems of Slavery

Black Slavery was at its peak especially in South and Central America than North America. Three systems of slavery appeared that time in American Colonies based on the purpose of slavery. In Maryland and Virginia, slaves were used to grow tobacco and cotton. In South Carolina, they raised rice and indigo. In north, besides farming, slaves were also kept as household servants.

Working Condition of U.S Slaves

Seasons, holidays, and occasions were same for those slaves. They worked around 18 hours per day. They had to work under the supervision of ...
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