An Honorable Occupation

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An Honorable Occupation

An Honorable Occupation


Sometimes significant changes can also start by "a little word." A brief word, according to Dante (Welker, 2002), can start configuring a turning point in the conception of the role of teachers and represent a major step forward along the road of merit.

In my opinion “Teaching” is the most honorable occupation. The role that the teacher must take is to stimulate, support, expansion, never anticipating his speech will replace the "thoughtful work" of boys and girls, their willingness to seek solutions representative as possible, their creations.

Thesis Statement

The teaching occupation is an honorable vocation since a single teacher can build the whole nation through his teachings.

The learning environment created by the teacher

Children who enter the formal education system are autonomous learners' gifted intuition. It is important to create an environment that contributes to the process of autonomy and allows them, to consciously accept responsibility for their own learning and to make decisions in this area. The teacher plays a pivotal role in this level, offering students an atmosphere, which promotes enthusiasm, self-assurance, inquisitiveness in addition to an aspiration to be taught. Autonomous study encouraged by a climate flexible, sensitive and responsive to student needs.

The teacher-student relationship

The teacher-student relationship should encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning. The maturity will help them also, and teachers should gradually as students mature giving them more control of their own decisions. This transfer of control will be better if it lived in a school environment "organized to encourage and support students in their efforts to take responsibility for their own learning, which will be making a more mature and complete" (Schutz & Zembylas, 2009).

Teachers assist scholars in learning the phases of how to make a decision as an instructors, managers and catalysts. In this position, teachers not merely helps the students in acquiring solid base of information and understanding, in addition to, facilitating them to realize their importance to the individual's requirements. This guides to added precious comprehension skill for scholars plus motivates them to manage their learning in the superior manner.

Approaches, necessary knowledge, and expertise for autonomous education are principally stimulated by the learners in how teachers classify their class along with their lessons. It is significant that teachers utilize skills, stratagems and schooling approaches based on teamwork amid learner and educator, so as to promote involvement, at times of setting objectives also to evaluate the learning process. A, pedagogical approach that promotes confidence in themselves and their students an opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning will be crucial.

Autonomous Learning

An important aspect of teacher's role is to demonstrate by example the skills necessary for autonomous learning. As with other common, essential learning's, it is important to note that such skills should not only be taught, but rather be developed in each of the materials presented in class. It is possible to emerge from the work of Herber and Herber's five principles on how teachers can incorporate the teaching of these skills ...
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