An Understanding Of Nutrition In Dementia Patients dissertation Proposal

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An Understanding of Nutrition in Dementia Patients

Dissertation Proposal



I would like to take this chance for thanking my research facilitator, friends and family for the support that they provided and their belief in me as well as guidance that they provided without which I would have never been able to do this research.


I, (Your name), would like to declare that this Dissertation submitted in part fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of BSc (Honors) Child Nursing at the University of the West of England. All contents included in this thesis/dissertation stand for my individual work without any aid, & this thesis/dissertation has not been submitted for any examination at academic as well as professional level previously. It is also representing my very own views & not essentially that are associated with university.

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1.1 Background of the Study1

1.2 Rationale1

1.3 Aims and Objectives3

1.4 Significance of the Study3

1.5 Research Questions4


3.1 Methods5

3.2 Search strategy5

3.3 Keywords Used5

3.4 Theoretical Framework6

3.5 Data Analysis6

3.6 Limitations of the Study6


2.2 Caring for People with Dementia9

2.3 Food ingredients are particularly important for Dementia Patients10

2.4 Suitable Drinks for Dementia Patients11

2.7 Governmental Strategies- Role of Department of Health (DH)13

2.8 Alzheimer's Society14

2.9 Strategies for Feeding people with Dementia14

2.10 Nurses' perspectives on feeding decisions for nursing home residents with advanced dementia14

2.11 Malnutrition among Older Persons Consequences15

2.12 Physical function21


4.1 Weight Loss and Dementia23

4.2 Etiology of Weight Loss and Dementia23

4.3 Nurse practitioner27

4.4 Conclusion29

4.5 Future studies and questions33



1.1 Background of the Study

Dealing with people is disclaiming for nurses is often a big challenge, in addition to practical problems and ethical issues raised while taking care of people with dementia. The problem of denial of care is what all nurses should be familiar with in their work with demented people. Dementia is a syndrome which is usually caused as a result of a chronic or progressive brain disorder with disturbance of multiple higher cortical functions, including memory; thinking; orientation, and comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language and discernment. Consciousness is not clouded. (Hanson et al. 2008, pp.1130-1134)

The cognitive impairments are usually developed by deterioration of emotional control, social behavior or accompanied motivation. There are different causes of dementia, but this is not the topic of this relevant work. This study will particularly focus on the nutritional needs of dementia patients, and how nurses tackle such patients in terms of their feeding needs. Moreover, the study will assess the role played by nurses in taking care of patients with dementia, especially when these patients show denial of care; moreover, the study will assess the role of nurses which can influence the practice of providing nursing care to dementia patients. (Kelley 1997, pp.16-18)

1.2 Rationale

Although, the medical treatment and care of the people suffering from dementia presents challenges to doctors and the family of the patient, it is the nurse who is more often responsible for the everyday management and care of dementia patients living in a nursing home. The nurses devote large amounts of time and ...
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