Analysis Of Psychopathology In Popular Film

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Analysis of Psychopathology in Popular Film


In this study we try to explore the concept of Psychopathology in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on Psychopathology and its relation with film 'Girl Interrupted'. The research also analyzes many aspects of Psychopathology and tries to gauge its effect on film 'Girl Interrupted'.

Analysis of Psychopathology in Popular Film


The term 'Psychopathology' is interpreted as the study of the cognitive malfunctions in the form of illness, distress, or even the abnormal behavior in the context of the situation. Many experts liked to refer it as the maladaptive behavior. However, the fact needs to be kept in view that the term Psychopathology is often related to stringed to the notions relating to the process of the disease. However, this section of the paper deals with those processes which are likely to describe and organize the changes in behavior that are not explained, nor the maturation or development of the individual (James & Barbara, 2005).

Hence is the result of learning processes as well understood as psychological disorder, illness or mental disorder. Whereas, 'Psychopathology' in the most literal sense stands to be described as the specific reference to a sign or symptom that can be found as part of a psychological disorder. This subject has always rendered in the context of the media. The primary reason being the fact that it allows the interpretation of the 'Unhealthy' state of mind. However, in the course of the paper we intend to shed light on the film “Girl Interrupted” so that the subject of the Psychopathology can be efficiently deciphered.


Girl Interrupted is an American film released in 1999, directed by James Mangold as it sheds light on the story of an 18 year old girl who enters McLean Hospital. However, the story stand for an 18 month period as it allows the characters to interpret the notions of the key subject as identified above in the course of the paper. The film has a propensity to take its roots from the novel of the Susanna Kaysen (Nadine, 2007). However, the key characters which will be discussed further in the context of the paper were played by Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. As indicated above that the story initiates through the notions of the reactions of the aspirin.

The doctor in charge however, only within twenty minutes renders Kaysen as a victim of cognitive malfunction. However, it is essential to state the fact that doctor does it forcefully as this factor until the end of the story, drives the film. Thus, it can be safely started that the film “Girl Interrupted” is the story of the events Kaysen goes through while her stay at the hospital. She defines the cases of a various patient and their problems from face burns to problems in the relationship.


Since the notion of the Psychopathology stands to be interpreted as a mental problem therefore it must be kept in view that the symptoms attached to this type of disease often ...
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