Analysis Of Short Stories

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Analysis of Short Stories

Analysis of two Short Stories


In this essay, we have discussed the differences between the two short stories named as Love in L.A. and Good man is hard to find. Both stories deal with different topics of Love and Goodness. Love does not always prove to be good in all aspects of life. And Goodness does not lead to moral behavior. Both of these issues share a chained affect with each other and the common outcome is one's behavior.


Characters of Love in L.A.

Character of Jake represents the true picture of a playboy; an insensitive, dishonest and disloyal guy. He may said to have a negative appearance in the story as he exhibits a true image of boys and men of today who are always hitting on the options available to them. For instance, his first lines getting out of car were, “So how you doin? Any damage to the car?” (Gilb. D., 1993).

Character of Marian represents the attributes of today's young girls and women, who have limited knowledge and experience and are not able to evaluate the guy's intentions correctly. Her innocence and lack of experience can be shown when she shakes hand with Jake as, “like she she'd never done it before in her life.” and trusted on Jake's lies, which sounded very obvious when he said he has acted in few movies too and she gave him a smile (Gilb. D., 1993).

Jake clearly had intentions to hit on Mariana in order to get a chance of dating her for a short while. Whereas, girls like Mariana who are inexperienced and less mature intends to only sort out the issue of car.

Characters of A Good Man is Hard to Find

The Grandmother possesses old-fashioned ideas, she is very much talkative, demanding and silly. Though she loves her family but she is also selfish. Her care can be shown when she stopped her family from going Florida and saying “Yes and what would you do if this fellow, The Misfit, caught you?” (O'Connor. F., 1995).

Bailey is the son of grandmother; he is more of impatient and silly. He wants to become in charge of his family but has limited authority.

The children's mother is kind of vacant and does what all mothers do. Children are very naughty, make fun of their grandmother like June Star taunted her grandmother by saying, “She has to go everywhere we go.” They fight and manipulate their parents (O'Connor. F., 1995).

Red Sammy Butts is an owner of restaurant and a good man as per grandmother. The misfit is a escaped prisoner, killed his own father, he may appear as an educated person but he kills without any guilt. Other two escaped criminals do what Misfit told them to do.

Symbolism of Love in L.A.

Freeway indicates the rush and speed that Jake wanted to apply in this small incident by trying on Mariana to get a short lived and meaning less relationship. Ideas and plans of car for Jake represent his perception of girls in his life, which ...
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