Analysis Of Sura Al-Qiyamah, Al-Jinn And At-Talaq

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Analysis of Sura Al-Qiyamah, Al-Jinn and At-Talaq


The Quran has its own style. It may be useful to readers to mention some of the important features of this style. The reader should not expect the Quran to be arranged chronologically or by subject matter. The Quran may present, in the same sura, material about the unity and grace of God, regulations and laws, stories of earlier prophets and nations and the lessons that can be drawn from these, and descriptions of rewards and punishments on the Day of Judgement.

This stylistic feature serves to reinforce the message, to persuade and to dissuade. This technique may appear to bring repetition of the same themes or stories in different suras but, as the Quran is above all a book of guidance, each sura adds to the fuller picture and to the effectiveness of the guidance. For instance, in the midst of discussion about divorce and settlements, it suspends the introduction of regulations and instructs the believers to keep up prayer and stand in obedience to God (2: 237- 8), later to resume discussion of the divorce regulations.

While urging people to give in charity, before the day comes when there will be no trade and no help from friends or intercessors, it shifts to the Throne verse (2: 255) to describe the glory of God and refer to the time when no one can intercede for anyone else. Afterwards, having reminded people of God's power, it resumes its injunctions to give in charity (Keller, 121).

To reconstruct the thematic course of the above mentioned Suras seems to be a difficult or rather impossible task. On one reading the text seems to be unsystematic, if not chaotic. Many suras and especially the longer suras and those nearer us in time, contain a variety of themes, which go into theological digressions into prophetic stories, moral advice and warnings about behavior. The Qur'anic text represents a distinctive genre, and it merits an account that draws on a rainbow of linguistic approaches in order to appreciate the multi-faceted linguistic and stylistic aspects of this sensitive text (Keller, 122).

Surat Al Qiyamah


This Surat was revealed in the city of Makkah and is very different in theme and style if it's compared with Surat Jinn and Surat Talaq. In this Surat, the major emphasis is on the Day of Judgment and its words try to bring some sort of fear in the people. The words and narration style in this verse mainly focuses on what will happen (future) while in Surat Talaq the verses are in present tense.

Analysis of the Surat

Conceptual allusions and textual chaining are dominant discoursal features in the Surat Al Qiyamah's text and apply to its micro and macro levels. On these levels, this kind of linguistic analysis aims to provide a grammatical, semantic, and phonetic analysis of Qur'anic discourse. On the micro level, the lexico-grammatical selections, for instance, that contribute in the attainment of intertextual meaning relations will be analyzed, on this level, the analysis also attempts ...
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