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Analysis of the macro- and micro-level structure of two assignment drafts

The engine is the heart of the car

People never doubt that they will be able to fly high in the sky, like birds, or through the water, as a way of aquatic life. However, all these are possible now, with the scientific progress and technological assistance. Engine has played a major role to make these dreams come true, therefore, the progress and development of the car. As you do not mind the major work in the body, play a similar role, a car engine car, the movement and source of inspiration.

The first question in my mind what the novice is, in fact, in the wire, tube, metal tube jungle, creating a smooth movement and the occurrence of motor sports? The primary function of engine oil will come from fuel combustion energy of gasoline to create the car motion. Complete fuel combustion chamber only, the full name of an internal combustion automobile engine. The principles of these operations are according to their different types of two-stroke, four-stroke, six-stroke cycle diesel and Atkinson. For a car, four-stroke engine is the most commonly used.

In the four-stroke engine, the combustion process is exothermic, in the four key steps. The first is the transfer of fuel to the combustion chamber. In the second phase, it tries to put pressure on these mixtures. Sufficient quantity in the application of pressure ignited combustible mixture. Combustion, heat the mixture began to expand, as the result of this expansion, it will give moving parts, which began to move, and then perform useful work pressure. In the final stage, the cooling of the products liberated in the environment. This is how an engine works.

Despite the engine, first of all should keep in mind is its capacity. According to the determination, the total volume of the piston sweeps out all of a campaign. It is generally measured cubic inches or liters. Engine capacity is more, it is more powerful. In order to increase capacity, can be taken two ways, first, to increase the number of strokes, followed by the diameter of the piston can be increased. Sometimes, however, need to adjust the amount of fuel to ensure the best performance.

This indicates that the main parameters of the engine performance are the efficiency, fuel consumption and compression ratio. Efficiency is usually measured as useful ...
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