Analytical Teaching Outline

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Analytical Teaching Outline

Analytical Teaching Outline


I. Introduction

A. Salutation

B. Denunciation

II. individual: protecting against of Paul's Apostleship

A. Received by Revelation

B. Independent of Jerusalem Apostles

1. Demonstrated by Paul's alteration and Early Years as a Christian

2. illustrated by Paul's First Post-Conversion Visit to Jerusalem

3. verified by the Jerusalem Apostles

4. Illustrated by Paul's reprimand of Peter

III. Doctrinal: protecting against of Justification by Faith

A. Vindication of Justification by Faith

1. The know-how of the Galatians

2. The Example of Abraham

a. The Faith of Abraham

b. The Curse of the Law

c. The Curse on Christ

d. The Blessing of Abraham

3. The Permanence of the Promise

a. The pledge granted to Abraham's kernel, Christ

b. The Law's Irrelevance for the Promise

B. Purpose of the Law

1. Its Temporary Nature

2. Its Inferior Status

a. Equality in the Body of Christ

b. Slaves Vs. Sons

C. apply in relation to Justification by Faith

1. Paul's disquiet for the Galatians

a. Because of their come back to Bondage

b. Because of their decrease of Joy

2. An Appeal from Allegory

IV. functional: protecting against of Christian Liberty

A. Liberty Vs. Law (5:1-12)

1. The regulation Enslaves the Believer

2. The regulation Obligates the Believer

3. The Law Alienates Christ

4. The Law Hinders Growth

5. The regulation eliminates the Offense of the Cross

B. Liberty Vs. License

1. The Fruit of License

2. The crop of the Spirit

C. Liberty to Love

1. blame in the direction of the feeble and Sinful

2. Responsibility toward the Leaders

3. Responsibility toward All People

V. Conclusion (6:11-18)

A. Authentication of the Epistle

B. Condemnation of the Judaizers

1. The Motives of the Judaizers

2. The Motives of Paul

C. Benediction


Galatians is without a question the most secure of all Paul's notes and perhaps of all publications of the NT. Even F. C. Baur, the dad of the Tübingen School accepted its authenticity. Still, it may be cooperative to analyze in short the causes that have been granted ...
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