Analyze The Western Australia's Department Of Education (Wa Doe) Duty Of Care For Students Policy Document

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Analyze the Western Australia's Department of Education (WA DoE) Duty of Care for Students Policy Document

Analyze the Western Australia's Department of Education (WA DoE) Duty of Care for Students Policy Document

Teachers have a very high social world society since they are in charge of training the new generations and to impregnate them the social, emotional and intellectual and educate them. A teacher must have a very high formal education to the maximum he can pass it on to his students, and finally contribute to the education that starts from birth. Therefore, the teachers become responsible for the education of children in which parents and family also contributes a lot.


Background to the Policy

The policy regarding Duty of Care revolves around a legal concept, which holds its foundation basis in the common law. A collection of specific legal principles which have been made in different times is known as the common law. The law regarding duty of care does not only strengthen but drives the majority of school practices and policies. The main aim of this policy is an effort to describe what actually “Duty of Care” implies. It reveals that how teaching staff considering the policy, discharge their ability of taking care students. It also explains that how the situation can be obliged in which external providers, volunteers and non-teaching staff are involved (Policies: Duty of Care for

Significance of the Policy Document

The importance of the policy regarding Duty of Care which is an obligatory can be understood by the fact that it is acknowledged by the Common Law. The policy of Duty of Care in Western Australia described it as an obligation, which every school and their respective staff teacher's needs to follow. The policy describes the significance of duty of care and the ways in which teaching staff is liable for providing care for the students and the situations within which external providers, volunteers and non-teaching staff can abide by this policy. This policy serves as a principle, which provides rule for all the schools in Western Australia, with an intention that staff teachers, external providers, non-staff teachers will follow the welfare and safety to all the students within school premises. These guidelines involves the points for instance; behavior of students within the school times and timings in order to save them from risk related problems and harms (Policies: Duty of Care for

Key Points in the Policy Document

The apparent underlying principles for documenting duty of care policy in Western Australia is to make sure that teachers are accountable for taking control of the circumstances and taking charge of the students in an aim of their safety within and out of the school premises. This policy document was documented in order to make sure the safety and well being of all students belonged to Western Australia, which in return facilitate students to given attention to their learning and studies only. Several issues have been considered under the policy document duty of care for ...
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