Ancient Christianity

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History of Ancient Christianity

History of Ancient Christianity


The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the history of primitive Christianity. The paper makes discussion on the functions of Paul's writings in his missionary activity, and the development of Pauline Corpus. The paper also makes discussion on its effect upon the formation of the church, its canon and its theology.

Function of Paul's Writings in His Missionary Activity

The study of the historical origins of Christianity has a fascinating character because it reveals unknown aspects of an important event, which influenced the development of Western society. Many Christian Churches and communities, then existing throughout the civilized ancient world, derive from the writings of the Apostle it (Amiot, 1963, p. 45). During this Holy Church glorified him naming the "Apostle to the Gentiles." Over the centuries the Church of St. Paul-based changes - expand and contract, undergoing multiple persecution and oppression, but now we are witnessing this very "Pavlov's heritage," and can appreciate the vastness of the evangelic deeds of this apostle (Montague, 1966, p. 89). The basic source tells us about the implementation of the St. Paul case evangelism are the book of Acts, already mentioned above, most of the book, the author devotes a description of Paul's missionary journeys. That, in principle, is not something illogical, because the author of this book - the Apostle Luke was the companion of the Apostle Paul in some of his travels. Paul refers to the activities of the third period of the apostolic age. Bishop Cassian says that "... the main figure in the history of the third period of the apostolic age and the chief missionary of the first Christian generation is the Apostle Paul" (7.217) - it is hard to disagree (George, 1964, p. 89). What is presented to us writings of the Apostle Paul? In fact, this missionary journey, as well as written works, this is what all of his message. In Paul's letters are of importance in the gospel. In addition to the functions of pastoral instruction, they are also a kind of link between him and Paul the communities it because of circumstances not able to attend at the moment, that is, with the Apostle Paul can maintain the necessary relationship with organized their churches. We now turn to the description of his missionary labors. Total apostle Paul made four missionary journeys. Although the fourth conducted, when the apostle Paul was in chains, but this did not prevent him to act in a matter of preaching, to which it was intended. From the book, of Acts we learn that Paul began, his preaching is in Damascus. After trying the local Jews to kill he leaves the city and went to Arabia, as he speaks of this in Gal. 1.17., after a while he returned to Damascus (Ron, 2007, p. 12). Three years after his conversion, Paul is in Jerusalem, has given the opportunity to meet with the apostles, but "disciples" beware of him as still take him ...
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