Ancient Egyptian Religion And The Impact On Present Day Society

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Ancient Egyptian Religion and the Impact on Present Day Society

Ancient Egyptian Religion and the Impact on Present Day Society


Religion was considered to be very significant to the Ancient Egyptians. Egyptians and their religion were highly influenced by the culture that caused them to bring any revolution. Egyptians never questioned about the beliefs that were handed down to them and they did not intend to bring any change in their society. Their main focus was to act upon the instructions which were mentioned throughout their history. Among those powerful beliefs, one was Divine Kingship. In their belief, they considered Pharaoh as their only king and their god as well.

The Pharaoh was linked with Horus, son of Re the sun god. They believed after his death Pharaoh turned to an Osiris, and would support the Egyptians in their lives here after.


According to their beliefs, the Pharaoh had a powerful authority over the Egyptians. The priests in ancient Egypt were also very strong and powerful. They were supposed to be responsible for the conditions in Egypt. When conditions of the country were good, people thought that pharaoh and priest were performing their jobs in a good way and when the situations in Egypt got worst then they started blaming them (Book of the Dead, 2010). 

The religion of Ancient Egypt was actually based on many gods but for a short term period they started believing in one god, monotheism. There were more than seven hundred gods who existed in their religion. Moreover, it was now considered strange to reform older deities into new deities (Pinch, 2010).

A very strong belief of the Egyptian religion was that they believed on the life her e after. It was believed by he that the dead bodies had to be preserved for supporting the existence of their spirits. This ...
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