Ancient Moorish Culture

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Ancient Moorish Culture


Many of the roots of the ancient Moorish dynasty can be traced from the Muslim inhabitants of Al-Andalus (Spain and Portugal), Megreb and Western Africa. In many parts of Europe, the word Blackmoor was commonly used to refer anyone of Arab or African descendant. As per a number of historians, the name Moor was descended after the ancient tribe of the Maure and Mauretania Kingdom. Under Muslim rule, society of Ansalusia produced the culture in which learning and science thrived. In 1942, after the Fall of Granada, Muslim rule was ended from Aldulasia. This devastated event had traces of global impacts on the new world. Spanish conquest was impended due to the Muslim downfall which was considered as a blessing of God. Inevitability of conflict and rivalry in the pluralistic society and cultural exchange of different faith was the basis of the Anadulsian paradigm.


Origin and Race of the Moors

Moors came from the Greek word mauros which means black or very dark. Moors were also described as niger or fusco in Latin language due to the relevance of its people in the Iberian Peninsula during middle ages. This term was entered later to the English and languages from the Spanish cognate moro. Greeks and Roman consider black skinned Africans as separate and different group of people. Greek literature also, highlighted the Aithiops which means a dark skin person, applied to dark and black skinned Ethiopians and Africans.

Many Black scholars studied the different civilizations of Moors which have strong and important trading routes in Sahara and other great African civilizations including the era of pre-Christianity of Egypt. Moreover, Berbers are different from Moors because they are mixed race people located in the Northern regions of Africa. Berbers have their own customs of intermarriage between indigenous Africans ...
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