Anger A Human Emotion

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Anger a Human Emotion

Anger a Human Emotion


An emotional state that varies in power from gentle irritation to strong fury and rage. It's that feeling of your body-fluid boiling; the heat of your body increasing gradually until you believe you may explode.

Thesis Statement: Anger is an emotional state that varies in power from gentle irritation to strong fury and rage.


Your head popping right off of your body and firing like a rocket into space! Although this is an exageration, why do we seem this way sometimes? The biological cause for anger is rather easy; it is our body's way of organising us for battle or flight. The body values anger to battle for survival. Our heart rate rises, body-fluid force increases, and the grades of our power hormones, adrenaline and nor adrenaline, heighten. Other causes for anger alter by individual. In latest years, traffic and other drivers have made some persons so furious, we have coined the period "road rage".

Other persons become so sickened by the slow and leisurely stride of your stroll at the shopping centre that they scurry round you and grunt as if you've contravened some sort of inferred shopping centre pace limit. Upon responding the telephone while composing this paper I was greeted by a juvenile woman carrying out a survey. With no end in view to this barrage of inquiries about iced pullet, I could seem my anger growing after 10 minutes. I even advised suspending up on the poor girl.

Maybe I sensed my time was far more precious than her time. That can't be factual though, we are both human beings. What makes my time or me as an individual any better than this woman? I sensed she was trashing my time; after all, I did have a paper to write. After having this ...
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