Anglo-American Relationship During The Period 1945-2007

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Anglo-American relationship during the period 1945-2007


United States of America and British subservience to the so-called special relationship b/w 1945-2007, it is optimistic, London is known, is rarely seen in the open is a critical examination. Why the British ruling class and their agents since 1945 with all my heart not to come to embrace the American Empire, a youth group? Recently, the "special relationship" New Labour government and the active support of the invasion and occupation of Iraq can take part in the face of hostile public opinion.

The nature of the Anglo-American relations during the period 1945-2007

1776 Declaration of Independence was a decisive break with the internal strife. American military efforts in the UK, French defeat and not Spanish and in 1783 independence were recognized. England and France goes to war again in 1793, the war led to a relationship. Each of the two countries set up ten years of commercial prosperity and peace, 1794, Jay signed the treaty. It broke in 1805.

After 1805, the American ships and sailors to affect relations with the Americans on the verge of war (to force the Royal Navy service), boarding with the imposition of the British Royal Navy, the Embargo Act of 1807 and the British, such as embargoes, trade. 1812 battle for the rights of U.S. trade in a vehicle, and neutral countries for the protection of freedom of the seas from the United States under President James Madison were started. Other motives for the Indians to defend American settlers raped their own tribal lands anger at alleged British military assistance and have the desire to expand the republic's territory. Due to winter conditions is not America, Canada, and an attack on the British colony, the first action, and in 1814 the British invaded Washington and burned all the paint and then as White became famous for her trademark song, "Presidential Palace" home. Control of the United States Navy Great Lakes, according to the Treaty of Ghent negotiations, the British attack from Canada to avoid the war ended for the restoration of the status quo.

Turkey international slave trade greatly, the removal of the slave trade and the United States in 1807, after passing a similar law passed in 1808, came to an end. Compensation of all slaves in the British Empire by slaveholders, in 1833 was freeing. 1823 Monroe Doctrine, but the permission of the British, European colonialism, had expressed hostility to the United States. British investors about the bonds to pay part of many American states in 1837 after the panic. Substance Carolina in 1837, the rebels failed uprising there in Canada, and then Canada and New York, a small ship for smuggling shipments of American fled to Carolina. The end of 1837, Canadian militia, diplomatic protests, or other events, popular hostility to the British burned down the boat. Conflicts in the border town of loggers in Maine to the opposing team, "Aroostook War" Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842 resolved these problems in New Brunswick and Maine border came to an ...
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