Annotated Bibliography On Effect On Child Raised In Single Parenting

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Annotated Bibliography on Effect on Child Raised in Single Parenting

Wolf, J. Positive Effects of Single Parenting, Concepts Every Single Parent Needs to Keep in Mind, Retrieved from: : (2010) pp. 1.

The above article defines and tells how even a broken family can up bring a child in a positive manner. In Jennifer's view, it is unfortunate that, the researchers did not look past the lack of a father or a mother to other common factors in single-parent households when deciding that life in one of them automatically doomed Children of second rate academic and social performance. According to her single parent refers to persons with at least one minor child in constant financial community together and educate and care for this, without a permanent partner in their household has. In the end it was suggested that although society accepts the idea of ??single parent families, the company is however not structurally ready to welcome these children from single parent families or divorced and condemns in advance for this initial situation ... as indeed it condemns other classes for other reasons.

Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD, (2009), Parenting with Love and Logic theory

The article defines how single parents can upbringing their child in an effective manner. The idea behind the Love and Logic™ theory is that Parents should provide an atmosphere of acceptance, acceptance, and love empathy while allowing the natural consequences of a child's behaviour and actions to do the teaching. There is no doubt that being a single parent, is one of the toughest jobs. Whether you're a single parent due to divorce, death or gave birth out of wedlock, you're going through a hard road. It is equally difficult, whether you are divorced the parent having custody or not. Every single parent family has its own unique challenges. The book also discusses that one of the best things a single parent can do is seek help from a good support system. Many single parents are kept away from family support. If one do not have the support of a loving family around, developing special relationships with others. These relationships can be with other parents who are in the same situation or as part of the family of a church. There are many single parent groups that share the childcare, outings and other services. There are many children feel the effects of single parenthood, for reasons other than divorce. e death ...
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