Answer The Questions Below.

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Answer the questions below.

Answer the questions below.

1) Produce a personal development plan for your first three months as a new middle manager. The plan and any accompanying narrative should show:

Professional development may encompass various characteristics such as goals and outcomes aligned to the districts, relevant topics in trainings, opportunities for staff collaboration, development maintained by an on-site coordinator, high quality and professional training and evaluations to determine effectiveness of program.

The success of an organization depends on people working together and sharing a common purpose. The leaders need to focus on the workforce to identify their individual human needs. Leaders are affected by the constantly changing environment in which globalization plays a key role. Accordingly, the workforce is in the trend of diversification. Hence, an effective leader is an individual who displays transactional and transformational leadership. To be an effective organizational leader, we must know the dimensions of two leadership styles.

Gaps between my worst self and the idealI think that lifelong learning is very important and we all have personal worst self and ideal self. Knowing my own strengths and weaknesses can be helpful for me to become an effective transformational leader. Discovering my worst self along with having the yearning to improve is a talent that I maintain.

In the area of “for my team”, I assessed myself at a lower medium level for my current role. I don't have much group work experience from previous job. Therefore, this will be the most important area where I need to develop, because in current business organizations, team works and synergy are vital for completing multiple tasks. It is very important to learn how to convey the key lessons of organizational effectiveness through the stories of my own workplace experiences. And I currently lack of this skill. In a study by Tichy (2002), this is known as the narrative teachable point of view, which is the best communicated through engaging stories about who the company is and about what it can be.

2)(a) Describe the factors you would take into account when analysing the information which is available to help you make management decisions.

Business Organisations may be visualized as organised groups or communities that specialise in manufacturing various types of products or provide, services of various kinds. The free dictionary (2006) defines business organisations as, “an area of law that covers the broad array of rules governing the formation and operation of different kinds of entities by which individuals can organize to do business”. Carter McNamara (2006) defines Organisations as,” a group of people intentionally organized to accomplish an overall, common goal or set of goals. Business organizations can range in size from two people to tens of thousands”.

Decision-making is made at all the three levels though with varied emphasis on different levels. At operational level the information required arises from mainly internal sources, while at strategic level the information is almost exclusively external. Computer based information systems are developed in order to take the operational decisions since the data ...
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