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Impact of Business People on Our Society

Business people are playing a vital role in society. The major responsibility of business people is to operate at a profit. This profit does not merely benefit the employees but society at large. Business people are wealth producing organ of the society. The duty of the business people is to create wealth for shareholders, customers and society. Over the decade, businesses have grown at a rapid pace with a deep positive impact over the globe. With the exponential population growth, demands for the products and services are escalating and there need to be someone to cater those demands. With the inception of new businesses and entrepreneurships, these demands are fulfilled profitability and at the same time, standard of living in the society has also raised. Number of graduates is increasing in the society with degrees in hands but no jobs. Business people are majorly responsible in resolving this issue and creating job vacancies in the society.

Business people, through injecting capital in the economy, proving value to customers and creating job opportunities, has improved our economy. These people inspire and motivate young blood to use their resources in becoming entrepreneurs and hence indirectly create more opportunities for the future generations. A business person not only makes money for him or herself but facilitates the humanity financially and socially (Korsching, 2003).

At the end of my career, people will concede and acknowledge my contributions to the society. Business people do not only benefit themselves as the main portion of their efforts goes in the social and economic development of society. I, as a business person, will donate a large portion of earning for charity purpose. They will help the downtrodden segment to revive themselves and enhance their living standards. Many businesses fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, by setting up various medical, educational and vocational institutions to facilitate less privileged class. People will appreciate my efforts of upholding the society by giving donations and constructing charitable institutions.

In my short career, I have already started my social and financial contribution to the society. During my business studies, I worked with various societies of the university to raise funds for the international disaster affected people. After getting the experience of organizing such events, I, with my group members, conducted various concerts, cultural shows, seminars, and other events, to raise funds to establish a Non Government Organization. Since I am a business student, the fundamental concept is to provide intelligent interest free loans.

We have selected a locality with people who are below the poverty line and cannot afford their basic day to day expenses. By abstruse researches, we came to a conclusion that these people have neither any capital resources to start any business nor do they have any expertise to work for anyone. The basic mission to our organization is to establish a very small business of $500 and assist them in their initial phase until they stand on their own feet and start making ...
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