Antismoking Programs

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Antismoking Programs


People start using tobacco or smoking due to many factors that allow them to incline towards this habit. However, there are many individuals, groups and government who play a vital role in the reduction of tobacco use through educational programs and enforcement of laws. This paper focuses on the negative impact of smoking and antismoking programs that significantly contribute in reducing the number of smokers.

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Antismoking Programs


Scientific studies suggest that smoking is injurious to health and it causes different diseases which sometimes lead to death. Specifically, the habit of smoking in youngsters is increasing day by day. In this regard, the tobacco manufacturing industry has already invested $10.50 billion in marketing and advertising their products. On the other hand, mass media campaigns are also playing their role in promoting anti-smoking behavior in society. A report on smoking behavior suggests that, 80% of the youngsters smoke because of the attractive advertisement on television.

An aggressive public awareness campaign can reduce the smoking behavior in youngsters as well as, it reduces the impact of aggressive marketing. A larger number of people as well as, Government are on the view to take certain initiatives in order to reduce the smoking behavior.

A public education campaign is launched by the Centre for disease control and prevention. The campaign highlights the current situation as well as, the diseases and harmful effects and disabilities caused by the use of tobacco. The campaign along with the support of Government helps to reduce the smoking pattern. Smoking leads to some serious diseases like cancer and heart problems. It is also the reason behind asthma and bronchitis.

The New York tobacco control program (NYTCP) is working as a regulatory authority to control the smoking and tobacco usage. The New York Adult Tobacco survey highlights some of the important facts, i.e. from 2003 to 2009 how many people quit and how many people start using cigarette among the adult consumer of New York. Results suggest that, tobacco advertisement has increased from 6% to 45% on the other hand, survey suggest that 46% to 62% people attempt to quit smoking.

After aggressive campaigns to quit smoking, a downward trend in smoking has been witnessed in United States and New York. It is proved by the medical study that that exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) enhances the exposure of respiratory disorders in children and among the adults. It became the major cause of Asthma because smoking makes the lungs weaker in a manner that they losses the efficiency to fight, which mostly leads to death. If the parents prior to birth were smokers then the destructive signs of smoking can be witnessed clearly in the offspring

Through a number of years and our in-depth analysis suggests that most of the people only quit smoking when they are exposed to some serious healthy issues or their doctor or physician warns them of using it. Moreover, it is really hard for them to reduce even a single cigarette. It is the fear of death ...
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