Apple Inc Strategic Management

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Apple Inc Strategic Management

Apple Inc Strategic Management


Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that develops and manufactures consumer electronics, software and personal computers. The most famous products of hardware Macintosh computers are IPod, iPhone and IPAD. Apple Software includes Mac OS X operating system, browser ITunes Media, iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software, office suite software IWORK, Aperture, a professional photography package, Final Cut Studio, a set of professional audio products and film-industry software, and Logic Studio, a set of audio tools. Since January 2010, the company operates 284 stores in ten countries, as well as an online store where hardware and software products sold.

Apple's true renaissance began in 2001 when Steve Jobbs introduced the iPod digital music player, which ultimately changed the way people bought and listened to music. Apple's new streamlined all-in-one PC design was also revolutionary, and in 2005, the line began incorporating Intel-based processors. Over the next couple of years, the Company would launch new smaller versions of its iPod MP3 player; a device for streaming PC content to televisions (Apple TV); and with Motorola and Cingular Wireless, a mobile device with iTunes functionality.

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of this initiative is the development of the market, "as we lead the professional publishing segment and we continue to maintain that leadership in the field of professional digital editing. To get to reach fruition, we have the latest technologies allow the creation of digital video, "said creative director of Apple Spain markets. For this, the company headed by Steve Jobs is very clear what steps you must follow to get their way in this market. "First, we have the solutions we already have happened, and second, to have customers. In this segment, there are many stakeholders, from the BBC called (weddings, baptisms and communions), to a video producer or a television channel; finally, have a dealer network that is able to offer our solutions to end users (Chan, 2008, 29-53).”


Key elements supporting this investment include:

Highly Differentiated Business Strategy

The Company has highly differentiated business strategy premised on operating at the high end of the Personal Computer, mobile phone, and portable media player market, offering leading edge, innovative products while integrating and controlling software and services with hardware. As Credit Suisse analyst, Kulbinder Garcha, noted in a recent report, “Apple is the clear leader when it comes to the service offering; given not only its content in the areas of mobile applications, music, video, and TV shows, but also its tight integration of all these services with its iTunes store”.

Diversified Product Offering

Apple benefits by having product offerings across multiple market segments - MP3 players, PCs, wireless communications. As well, Apple is a true innovator redefining and in some instances creating new product segments within the consumer electronics market. Apple's brand and marketing prowess allow it to take existing products such as the MP3 player and turn it into a gargantuan market ...
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